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hey skid row, how are you feeling right meow? headache? hung? well good. that’s what you get for being crush fuck losers. no worries, you’re in good company. i myself, had an early night at my dad’s here didn’t get much drunk at all. i’ve been awake since 8am but i fell back asleep and then i woke up ten to ten. my dad wanted to sleep in and you can hear everything in this house from any direction no matter where you are there is no escaping noises, it’s basically a cottage here.

this is about the time i started gaining weight and i think i joined pof too. recipe for a winner right there.

i’m so chav i even have burberry bin bags. hype, in’t it boyeee.

ma jean janes.

that i am erupting out of. see the ass rip, i created that at the central on the latch of the booze cupboard. i was like oh perfect, melodie is just going to absolutely LOVE this modification to her special expensive skinny pants someone leant her! haha she fixed it and wears them now.

does someone want that last of the raymi mohicans bag? i know a cluster of fanatics whose shrines need an injection. i need to get rid of things too, the clutter is driving me insane.

this musician guy lives in my hood now. i haven’t seen him once since this day, no wait maybe i did at the central? that’s how we met. i cruised lots of dudes there. musicians. then they’d go back to play again, we would pretend nothing was up and meanwhile one of the new girls would be like ooh he’s hot, i’d be all, go for it i already hit it. hahaha.

we didn’t hit it though we just hung. there is a difference.

i drank that entire thing in two minutes. not even. i was hoovering feelings like crazy what was going on here hmm.

not mine. i ate mine so fast i didn’t get any pics.

no i think i did. ahh who cares. obsess much? i had poached eggs and roasted tomatoes.

is that me paying too? musicians live below the poverty line which is convenient for people who have something to prove, which would be me, 24/7.

i needed more fuel.

seriously are you retarded, aim for my head, you even have a screen to aid you and see me on. what a luxury i can only dream of the days to have a camera with a functioning screen again. and have you seen this jacket? it is missing. did you steal it from adventurehouse?

this hat was getting on my nerves at this point. sean is wicked, but i don’t like these hats. it’s something about the big button on the top or the design, it’s too THIS IS A HAT IN CASE YOU DIDN’T NOTICE for me. it’s like bam margera level self conscious.

and these what the hell do they think they’re trying to pull off here? we get it, that’s your side and this is their side. babies. (it does look really cool in person though).

i also have gorgeous hands. i do. secret: i look at your hands and judge accordingly. i’ll take a mechanics dirty mitts over some girl’s deformed stumpy fat fingers any day. you can be all hot shit you like but your hands, you can never change them. MEAN GIRL INSIDE!

then i nexted sean and went to hang with rob. here he is making fun of me in my room for the inaugural parkdale boys club meeting. melodie was there too.

the bonus hilarity of this is what he’s saying, actually took place. i gave him the keys to my blog for a week when i went to deep river to work on my book and people loved it.

these would be the unflattering ones of the batch.

rob‘s got all these one-eyed dolls hanging around. i wonder why or i mean, i wonder wheye. hahahaa.

the infamous eye socket remote wireless camera. i would be doing pr0n if i waz you. how surreal the experience for the viewer right?

what’s with my fluffy weird bangs?

checking on my fat levels.

what am i doing with my liiiiife moments. don’t you love looking in the mirror when you’re drunk on wine and stoned? soul searching.

my science experiment honey floating formaldehyde some body part or other.

i wonder if rob will give me this painting for my birthday? it’s coming up soon. MARCH 31.


  1. “musicians live below the poverty line which is convenient for people who have something to prove,”

    I think you just nailed my romantic M.O. from years 1 to 23. Never again. Ballers only.

  2. i thought that fringe bag would have been scooped up at the 10 year party. can i have it? i’ve loved it from afar for oh so long:)

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