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Bloggy girls in a Barbie World

pahahah this is so behind the scenes magic hilarious to me i wish i had photoshop so i could make glitter sparkle frames on some of these.

FITNESS IS FUN! GO TEAM! WHEEE! actually you should get a load of my nail polish right now. it’s barbie pink and called PINK LINGERIE. i’m regressing back to jem and the holograms barbie rock and roll star stage playing barbies with brooke and making them f— attack each other. that shit goes down how fast, ten minutes?

choreographed dance routine will turn into aerobics video, it’s from my jazz class. casie has a dance background too. she can do the splits. and push-ups standing up, using her hands as feet.

bitch get out of my shot. woah look at the love making sesh about to go down behind me against the wall there.

we got prematurely sweaty before the globe and mail girls arrived. i wanted to get my work out in, james trained us after the interview anyway. i was like, you do not know working out until you’ve done it with cake face. i look like a white cake dripping with sweat at the end. casie was SOAKED. can’t wait to see what they use of us.

i love weights and working my arms now.

casie is wary of it cos she’s turning into linda hamilton.

hair obsessing.

then we figured out to tuck my shirt in cos i was walking around in a psycho whiny circle vortex. mega-entertaining.

i held casie like a baby and used her entire body to do a few curls. honest.

putting on aerobics clothing is hell. all these tight taught elastic banded compartments that scrape at your skin and make you feel like a blob sausage. it’s important to be tight though cos you move around and sweat and to answer your question krista no my socks don’t fall down. they’re very tight.

good to go now.

fitness expo models.


they call me WHITE LIGHTNING. no, i mean, this move is called the thunderbolt pharaoh. you know what casie? we should just join a wrestling league. it’s all acting anyway right? fuck blogging. wrestling is where it’s at. how many people watch that shit and bet on it obsessively?

step ball change.

here we are in kidz360 where we really belong.

cute bow casie.

my sixty minutes moment. when i sat down here this is when rosa and kathryn looked at each other and mouthed/whispered blond girls so many views… hahaha.

doing a demo.

oh my form! look. hips are a bit high. i can’t help it i am a giraffe and my legs are three feet and two inches long. 38 inches. giraffe.

blabbing like crazy while james was being interviewed. got shushed a bit. everyone was talking while my interview was being done so i didn’t see what the big deal was and the music was blaring too.

you get to stare at stuff like this when you’re going through your own torture sessions.

ok bye now. i get to wear a tiara and a rock shirt today for a wake.


4 thoughts on “Bloggy girls in a Barbie World

  1. You two are just adorable. Hell of a gun show put on by you two lovely ladies. See I would love to hit up the Motion Room… that is the name of the place right? But I fear I would be put to shame and my bloated man pride would smashed by the BUN’s of STEEL of the great RAYMBO. I’m more of a Rocky working out in the middle of the Russian wilderness as oppose to the Ivan Drago’s high tech lab method anyway…or at least that is what I will tell myself. You can catch me at Cecil and Huron working out with the hobos on the equipment outside the power transfer station.(Have you seen this kinda weird) Anyway keep up the good work I’ll keep my eyes posted for the interview.

    P.S Cassie has got one hell of a rack
    and your giraffe legs are killer

    Still Drunk and Half Deaf due to Motorhead

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