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blond punky brewster

the following is an email, subject: a love letter.

dear raymi,

i love your blog. i love seeing toronto in the back ground. i lived in the city for 4 years, and now i live in the middle of no where (rural *******) so i live vicariously through you.

i loved your walk down memory lane today. i get up to ontario’s cottage country a couple times a year (***** and ***** harbour) and i’ve also been the girlfriend in the spoke club. i’ve also puked in that bathroom – i actually burst out laughing when i saw that grey tile.

so thanks for the constant visuals of my favourite places. i am the queen of nostalgia and every time you mention or photograph a place i’m familiar with (i used to live and work in the annex) i sigh a million (happy) sighs.

keep doing what you’re doing. i so want to buy you a drink some day.



started writing a letter of disdain to our internet provider but then the technician showed up and jacked our wireless speed/fixed it. i’m still going to finish the letter and then say i’m going to publish it on my blog including their company name unless we get half a year of free service. they’re already comping march. anyway, here is my letter. the internet went down as i was trying to finish my last post and then my final last nerve was shot. i can only scream out motherf—-r into my empty room so many times.

tell me if this is too insane or not insane enough:

Dear ****,

I can’t tell you how angry I am presently. Well, actually I can, and will.

At first when your service went down in my neighbourhood (parkdale) about two weeks ago, I was mellow about it. I simply just went to my dad’s in Burlington and used his internet for a few days. Slightly inconvenienced. I am a city girl, a socialite, and it makes a difference if I am not in Toronto mid-week as that is when the majority of social functions/events take place. I came back this past Saturday as I had an appointment with a client. The internet was still spotty and slow, four days after the initial maintenance issue began. Fine, so I sojourned back to the suburbs for use of internet there, at this point I am about half as mellow now. I come back Monday morning and STILL the internet is wonky. This is frustrating for my entire city household, one of us is a student and the other’s, myself, livelihood depends on the internet. I am a blogger and I require internet morning, noon and night, I never get a day off. I write you now, it’s been over a week since the first hiccup in your faultiness to bounce back technically. I actually cannot pinpoint the day when the internet first let us down, it’s possible it began longer ago than I am thinking, no matter, it’s been bloody long enough as yesterday was the most frustrating day for me to play catch-up work-wise. I don’t think I blinked once staring into my computer monitor waiting for things to load and publish and send. It was brutal. I work from home, I do not want to leave my home to use internet in a coffeeshop.

Long story short, your technician just showed up and now everything is working fine and dandy and faster than ever. Job well done two weeks later. You are comping us a month’s free service it is my understanding. That is not satisfactory enough for me. I request six months.

I do not intend to back down from this or take no for an answer.

I will be publishing this on my blog which pulls in 10,000 pageviews DAILY. I’m sure many of those viewers are ***** customers too.

My roommates have lost many hours waiting on hold with you. I myself have lost many valuable workday hours. Two weeks to send someone by to remedy a service is unacceptable.

Also, the manner in which my roommate was spoken to by your customer service representatives while troubleshooting all of this is abhorrent, it would not have been pretty if that was me on the phone. While my other roommate has been inspired by this fiasco so much so he’s begun his own website called waitingonholdwith**** the majority of the content is photos of him, yep, waiting on hold with your company.

I look forward to hearing from you at your soonest convenience. Based on your track record, I will not be holding my breath.

Yours, RLW.

clearly i cannot at all do math or tell time. when am i?

btw i have a tumblr thing. some people when they are done here they aren’t actually done at all. they need MORE of me. there is never enough raymi.

10 thoughts on “blond punky brewster

  1. duh. i blanked it out for a reason. keeping the ace in the sleeve until we win. hey what are the dates for cut copy and crystal castles?

  2. dude i can’t even tell you how infuriated this company used to make me. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED. the only cure is running away to narnia.

    p.s. love the nostalgia post.

  3. sorry to be an asshole but you already said what company it was on your twitter, well, not entirely but putting two and two together is pretty easy. i dunno why i pointed that out, mostly i just thought it was funny. once upon a time i had satellite service with the same company and they were 100% inept to us too. we had centre ice, and then we canceled our service to go with another provider, and then a few months later they billed us for centre ice again. and we’re like, we don’t even have satellite with you anymore so how the balls do we get charged for centre ice? fun times. i’m told the trick to getting through faster is to select french when you call, and then ask the rep if they speak english when you get through. that way you get to talk to canada instead of india, too.

  4. not an asshole, just totally time-wasting, yours and my own. i KNOW i said their name in my twitter feed. thank you. i don’t imagine for a second they will look on my twitter, or search for my blog, which i didn’t link to either. pretend i am a smart person here, alright. what is centre ice?

  5. aww i didn’t mean you were not smart. just thought it was funny other people weren’t figuring it out? i dunno. wasting time is what i do. but yeah centre ice is that hockey thing where you can watch all the games ever. one of my roommates at the time was a leafs fan (we live in vancouver but she is from ontario originally), so we had it mostly so she could watch them. it’s something like $200 for the entire season, so kind of ridiculous to be billed for it when you don’t even have the means to watch it anymore.

    they were pretty rude to us when we had to battle to not have to pay for that, so hopefully it is not too much of a war for you. customer service does not seem to be their forte.

  6. i know you didn’t mean i wasn’t smart i just have no patience and assume people can read my mind (know that i know that i put the company name in my twitter feed). so you didn’t have to pay in the end? i havent’ sent my letter yet, luc says he’ll make it happen, but if not then scary raymi will be on the case.

  7. Yeah my roommate called and dealt with them. She is the stern one. I am too meek for that shit, most of the time I just call and be awkward and hope for the best.

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