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don’t play cards to your heart now

shwing! i need to bone up on my waynes world quotes seeing as i look like garth every other day these days.

wow twitter why don’t you be down some more right now so i can’t blast this post and get up off my ass to do real world stuff like stare at myself endlessly in the mirror and congratulate myself on acquiring pinned out wombat eyes thanks to the slowness of the net today, twitter, blogging like a maniac, being a maniac and acquiring spine problems from sitting like a hunchback.

i sweated this outfit off (i changed, hey relax no newdy) immediately when army guy showed up. army guy is actually military guy now. you try wearing a sweater shirt in a sunbeam. i didn’t clean my room cos he was making all these jokes about how we weren’t going to do anything, i didn’t even shower after the gym. after his long drive into the city he had to use the bathroom. or that was his trick to get inside. my room was a disaster. so in my sweater shirt lickity split i tidied up the tickle trunk. (by the way one of the rooms in adventurehouse is going to be called compliments corner. luc came up with it at mitzi’s inadvertently)(isn’t inadvertently how everything comes up?)

military guy and i hit it off. lots of build up too. it’s been several months, we met off pof. corresponded. both killed our accounts but remained facebook friends. had he lived in the city we would have met a long time ago. i am impulsive, not good at long distance planning and then day of, possible bailing from both parties. i knew i would like him, i just didn’t feel read yto meet him from all the other bullshit i get up to and i dunno. after we hung out at the cadillac when i was in a sad state, i started giving him attention. pestering him. it worked.


dreamy nerd bait at your service.

i should be a hired minx. something out of james bond but less dangerous and violent.

i have many skills. ha ok i’ll stop. you’ll have to excuse me, i’m drinking chai.

oh what’s that you have property in montenegro and a private jet?

woah that’s sounding escorty now. this top had a mark on it i’m sure would have come out but i didn’t want to bother. too bad looks cute.

guava like it’s hot.

lois gave me this clutch. little lois. i love her. i’ll tell you the hamilton story another time.

or right now. i slummed it in hamilton. sorry but i did. what i did there is irrelevant. what’s worse is i told the guy i am not going to lead you on kay but he is still trying. the one time i’m blunt about it and they won’t accept it. he also said i might be taking up real estate in his head. WRONG THING TO SAY.

it’s flattering to be sought after for over a night but if you don’t want it, you so do not want it. dude’s gotta realize at some point no?

colour me officially cured of the american, though.

ok squiry Q’s see you later.

13 thoughts on “don’t play cards to your heart now

  1. “mom stop reading at any point, be my guest!” (heh) and yeah, I have the spine hunchback blogger syndrome too, whatever will we do? sit on an exercise ball during blogtime? rrrrrrrright.

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