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do you want to see something weird?

MARCH 4 – see you next FRIDAY, Comrades. Parkdale Boys Club (PBC) c/o ADVENTUREHOUSE On The Road will be in session. Try outs beginning at 9PM. Limber up, sweethearts. -RLW, President of The PBC, founding father and member. SALVADOR DARLING 1237 Queen St W. next friday. no not this one, the next one. jesus.

video i took of luc this summer.

7 thoughts on “do you want to see something weird?

  1. Sounds Brazilian. I saw a clip of Capoeira (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) fighter vs. Tony Jaa the Muay Thai fighter. Capoeira is ultimate Brazilian cool because they learned to do hard-hitting arm-and-leg attacks while convincing their slave masters that they were only dancing…so here’s a little cultural exchange that hurts in the morning:

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