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if you are presently pissed at me get in line

the inside scoop pose as well as new kids on the block cold lampin’ it.

this is what we call me time.

these are perfect housewife dish gloves i will buy britt a pair. my brain was overwhelmed by blue banana it was like shopping inside my brain. mecca. i am bringing my niece here.

almost bought one of these for adventurehouse though would probably hang way too low in the hallway and i’d want pink and they might not like me turning this place into a hello kitty palace.

this class was amazing and i said a lot of TMI about my man game just to hear myself talk. carlyle is a new role model for me, what an inspiration.

the underwear i bought received approval. butt cleave to the max. if you go to good for her to buy yourself a toy or anything really, books, so many goodies to choose from via my RAYMI15 coupon code you get a 15% discount. that post is coming up tomorrow and i cannot wait to go through the photos. monday sex toy read how nice am i for getting you off? i booked it out of there as fast as i could i was um, do my homework.

heaven. i can’t wait to one day have my own little house.

britt you get the blue magnet.

haha not ready for it yet.

gah overload!! pink pink everywhere yes.

getting ready for dinner. didn’t wear that in the end.


i can only imagine the geniosity behind this weed message. fucking irony at its worst much?

ears pierced. white gold guy. little girls were laughing at me in claire’s. i was clutching the bear and sweating profusely. melodie said aw you’re a grown up now. yes, yes i am.

amsterdamy. i need a european boyfriend to fly me to his weird little village.

good view. hard rock blew it by not having their upstairs open. this place got our patronage instead.

went to marche. they have lovely little rooms.

weekend warrior outfit.

haven’t worn this guy in awhile.


10 thoughts on “if you are presently pissed at me get in line

  1. raymi do you do pilates? your waist is so teeny tiny. i’m jealous. i was just wondering if you do pilates.

  2. it’s kind of crazy how quickly your body gets toned. i mean i notice a huge difference in your arms. it seems like you haven’t even been working out that long.

    for me it took 6 months of workouts 6-7 days a week and i’m only now seeing results. i joined the gym in 2009 and worked out consistently but not as hard as i’ve been the last 6 months.

    i wish my body would respond to exercise as quickly as yours…. jealous!

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