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it’s not that i didn’t care, it’s that i didn’t know. it’s not what i didn’t feel, it’s what i didn’t show.

enough dick’n around i have to get a boom apropes outfit together that will also be queen bee alpha bait. i’m sure i’ll come up with a good one. come by or send someone my way today 808 COLLEGE STREET 2PM and see me do my thing. i might be less in the kitchen today so i can gab with the girls more. i am so excited to see them i haven’t gone out their way in too long (like two weeks? i am a baby) and i like that they’re coming to my turf. my mom already broadcasted on facebook that her outfit was boots and jeans. um, right. we’re filming again today so if you want your face involved for your own selfish-promotional purposes i will gladly share the stage with you. then thundersteal it back. as always.

i also am stupendously irritated by my blackberry biting the dust. when one thing goes wrong, everything does. if i type u a message missing ‘e’ all over it please try to be a good message decoder, also, don’t make fun of how i am writing to you like a shakespearean asshole, instead of saying ME i have to say I AM. so in lieu of “come to me” or something i have to say “i am coming, to you i am”. you’re like uhhh what? exactly. i can’t type the word email or email me. (throws phone into sun).

oh and ps. nella bella sample sale tomorrow!

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