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the stupid will be punished

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Where was this video specifically shot. I can see water in the background and it says you are from Canada…that is all I can figure out! By the way, it is one of my favorites. I am also trying to figure out how the person got shots of the girl singing. Especially the shots from dead on in front of her…..anyway, I love this song and love this video!

Go Leafs!

Walter Pompei

seriously? ok. we had a robotic arm that we rented for $10,000 which was great because it was able to rotate on a 360 degree axis from only mounted on the windscreen it was amazing. the car itself, outfitted with special lighting (a subaru wrx sti all blue suede interior and bucket seats) traveling speed approximately (what is the speed limit of lakeshore between bronte and oakville exactly?) 60-70km/h as we’re canadian like you mentioned so i dunno what that would be in pompei. uh what else, this video is as viral as it gets for an obscure song like this, almost 50,000 views on youtube i have no idea why i don’t get offered money for it but i get offered money for some tetris halloween costume stupidity video that doesn’t even have a fifth of the traffic. in the future i will just film the video on my own, using my own arm, and save the money.

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4 thoughts on “the stupid will be punished

  1. They never are though. Only those of us who have to deal with them. I am going to use the $10,000 arm thing at some point when I get a similar question.

    Oops. Was I supposed to listen to the video?

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