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she’s got the kind of love i need the kind that’s never good on me

i think i get away with more than half the things i should in life cos of these bad boys.

sickly dana if i get it i have like 3 different people to blame it on. i will put all three in a cauldron.

grainy olympus i like it hipster-vision. oh, this, casual unassuming photograph, yeah, no biggie. W-hatever. i’m writing this under the gun right now so i know not what i do. i’m going to the boulevard club like fresh prince for lunch this afternoon (like now). one of my PBC (parkdale boys club) members is trying to get me to fall in love with him so that he can impregnate me. not even kidding.

my little nutellacube buddy sent me a kawaii-style postcard. it was on the adventure fridge, i didn’t know when it came. melodie was like yeah this came for you and i got warm inside and boasted that jenny is one of my little blogger buddies that i feel very protective of and all mentor-like. thanks jenny. good girl. haha.

no problem. me, 24/7. piece-a cake.

i thought my sweater against the leopard print couch would look funny/cute. this is one of my top ten most manipulative sweaters i own. when a really tall guy who looked like chris robinson saw me he fell down the stairs. ok one stair. ok he didn’t actually fall but he majorly tripped and stumbled cos he was overcome with desire and endearment upon the vision what is me in this oatmeal sweater. culinary student was like ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH THAT GUY!? so jealous. no, i said, but i’d fuck his friend. i am nice like that.

we shared fajitas.

i went to good catch our hippie local store. it’s a time capsule in there.

advhaus gets a discount but i am the new guy so i smooth talked her into giving me a partial one. therefore she rules and gets a photo taken. some other spaced out hippie wandered in and i had a wine buzz on so i interacted with him positively. this girl (forget her name) said they stay open til 15 passed ten every nite for all the hippies who can’t get their shit together in time to make it by ten. she didn’t say it in those words but that’s how i interpreted it. i am also included in the 15 passed (past?) ten crowd. sometimes i’ll wander in from mitzi’s and eat a secret snack.

ahh drunk shopping is the best i bought all kinds of adventure crap to eat. mel was sick so i wanted to play nurse santa claus.

these packs of mj cards are all thick and gummy sludge-like i can only imagine what they look like. i’ll buy one next time i go.

kinda sad. kinda, rad?

melodie uses these. sometimes our household products at home have a fight i come in with the most obnoxious expensive brand name piece of garbage what destroys the planet and they are like, no way man. one time i put flavoured coffee beans through the grinder as “a surprise” and they didn’t like that very much. i have learned. flavoured beans aren’t good for you because of the vanilan.

i bought kale chips cos i wanted to do mindless snacking with slim repercussions. i was going to buy seaweed paper but it’s fucking expensive. how is seaweed so bloody expensive i can just go to a lake and fish it out myself.

the middle postcard i got from the tate modern when i was 17 in england, the year it opened. I WIN.

yesterday i whored my brain out for research purposes.

it was very true liesy. i love this shit. i have to learn how to speak freely and forget the two-way mirror. the guy interviewing me had a euro accent, trying to place it. helped set the mood. he would ask somewhat leading questions “but there is no wrong answer” and when i took the camera out he’s like “so is that what you do…? (pause pause) take pictures?” i think he had lessons in mind control at some point in time. i also couldn’t stop staring at my reflection in the mirror and noticing how moonbeamy my eye bags were and readjusting my hair.

are there people behind that mirror? yes he said. i finished the meeting by asking if he hated me. i don’t think i said what he wanted to hear and that’s only because i’m the wild card always. maybe i wouldn’t but i know others would. i play the game and then i sabotage it.

then it turned into a casie afternoon and i discovered that the lcd screen of my new camera was shattered. camera works but i can’t see shit. not happy. alen is going to catapult me into outerfuckingspace likely too. my purse dropped off the back of the coat hook in the bathroom all on its own at starbucks. i got starfucked.

we went to hemmingways to celebrate/blow off steam/talk business/drink pints and so on. before that we wandered around the underground mall thing so i could follow men around and then not follow through with the eyetag. i bought some crap at costa blanca. picked up a vice from AA.

i’m going to wear this to lunch with tights and who knows what else i should be focusing on that right now instead of blogging.

it’s soft peachy/pink. i am turning into my nana that’s one of her favourite tones.

see my newest headband? got it in black too.

party time. excellent.

adorable skirt.

killed some time at ginger’s cos he lives in the naybe of where i had dinner last nite.

he is also getting over being sick. see how we are watching the kanye video? i have turned so many on to that thing kanye should be paying/thanking me. as if, i wish, that that guy is so cray cray.

ok bye!!!

9 thoughts on “she’s got the kind of love i need the kind that’s never good on me

  1. “this is one of my top ten most manipulative sweaters i own”

    i really really really wish i had thought of and blogged that first. genius!

    my first taste of haters judging my life recently.



  2. Your site doesn’t load properly in Firefox on Mac

    Also because you posted all the junk on 1 page rather than pagination it takes forever to load and slows down my computer

    Will not visit again

  3. would like to hear more about that experiment
    your brutal honesty must have caught him off guard

    I’m four days into this flu and have lost five pounds
    neocitran by day, Nyquil by night
    no poo

  4. hi raymi!
    everytime i see a video i think “we could totally be friends” and i think that’s what i like about you and your blog. i can relate to things you say/write about and have been to a lot of the places you talk about as i used to live in pickering and would take the go train into toronto often. now i live in peterborough so i don’t get into toronto as much but one day i hope to run into you somewhere and have beers with you ’cause i think that would be awesome. actually i know it would be. i’m sure you get that comment a ton…the ‘i totally think we could be friends’ comment. anywho, i don’t think i’ve commented on your blog before but you’re in my reader and i love when a new post pops up…i read every word.

    kay…just wanted to let you know that you’re awesome!! have a good weekend miss,
    xo carly

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