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the man in the looking glass is looking back at you at last

hey do you want to come over and knit to steamy mugs of creamy tea and crackling vintage radio playing us jams to jitterbug and watusi to?

i only wish my room was more christmas right now.

obviously a creative sloth resides here. it’s been trashed for a month. i want to swipe everything off that dresser into a box and then pitch that in the ocean. there’s important bric a brac all over it scattered throughout so i can’t do my tom cruise dream of losing it. is it true he and kate are breaking up?

had a great workout today. got casie in on our inq montreal new years eve party i think that’s going to be the most ridiculous travel party clusterfuck since wakestock. so so so excited like never before for new years eve i feel like collectively no one ever looks forward to it. i need a good stress blow out.

here i am in my new second skin. i also keep walking by my new skirts and smiling and sighing at them ahahahahaha ahhhh dreamy. women feel on top of shit when they have a good outfit and we can control the world like obviously this is going to be a success because i am wearing louboutins DUH. i mean obviously.

hey guys i’m here collecting for the paper.

new nudey headband.

my hair is actually even more blond now if you can believe it to be possible.

someone take me on a leafs date holy shit already. you can wear this and i’ll wear something a little more figure revealing.

practicing lookin’ young. i will be 28 at the end of march. BOOM. actually, native richard gere said i look younger than 27. though i dunno how someone 13 years older is allowed to say something like that or is he pulling my leg. maybe older guys know about this kind of thing.

love it. dad loved it too. i was paid to hype this before i’d even seen it or before it came to theatres. they got their money back cos i went, then rented it, i’ve seen it many times and THEN i bought it. i stand behind the shit i promote.

doused myself in this one this morning. love it. will be giving both away. sad about it. GREEDLOR MUST BE SLAYED.

put the biotherm away too. no extra spending. i hate this. painted nails red as seen above to match red lipstick i plan to wear tonight for raymi heartbreaker outfit crawl.

see?! seduced. not my fault.

oh god. the little ones they were out of otherwise who knows what i might have come out of there with. there’s a four pack of them though at other locations. no thanks i want the big shakers.

look how light my brows so brassy i’m going to use the blue conditioner on them in the shower now to amp it up even more.

exact moment christmas $$$$$$tress kicked in.

empties memories. i’ve bought many fancy high fallutin’ french wines at my dad’s.

and that great mezcal too. this wine is amazing.

this label is so beautiful. sighh.

one big box of pretension coming right up! pimm’s! sake! brut! haha. each bottle is representative of every weekend or cluster of days spent at my dad’s this summer. it’s like an alcoholic manic depressive creative time capsule right there. every time i’ve decided FU city. i don’t know if this is defeat or victory. a bit of both i think.

this guy is also a time capsule. we’re letting his hair in for once. such a little beast.

now i have an announcement to make no fucking around anymore i mean serious business here !! tonight you will find casie and i having our reunion monday (it’s monday right?) night shit show celebration at The Horseshoe for corey‘s 26th birthday party AND sean ward‘s electric christmas 2 jam.

the rollover sister party to this is tomorrow’s Holiday Brunch Party at BOOM 808 college street location. i’ll be doing my thing in the kitchen right out there in the open for yi’zall to see. it will be filmed. you will be blogged it will be great. couldn’t decide on egg nog (with rum) or mimosas so i think we’re doing both. let me know in the comments if you’re gonna be there. happy to be in the city i love leaving it and i love coming back.

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee

and at midnight sasquatchenan time the voting begins for people’s choice which i qualified for the top 5 of for 2010 CWAs (canadian weblog awards) please vote for this guy thank you. i’m also up for lifetime achievement too. if i don’t win that i will be super pissed. heheh.

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