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i’m already in the water drowning everybody

newest tickle trunk addition. it’s my family tartan, Anderson, from Scotland, Perth to be specific. the motto is stand sure. or is it strong? my aunt modified it to fit her, my great grandmother purchased this fabric many years ago. the buttons are from my grandfather’s army jacket (something like that) we (aunt and i) have the same size upper body so it fits me perfectly, super petite. i regretted not getting this tartan one when i was in ottawa at a bar’s hipster clothing sale.

idiot. so me. it was too much and i wouldn’t spend $15 on it. the girl should have brought it down to ten. no one won here.

drunk shopping makes me second guess everything but then the times when i am right i find out only after the fact when i go through my pictures later on.

dearest raymi, you’re fucking awesome.

Ok, I just came home from a boozy dinner and i’m fairly pissed. As
usual, I get online to see if any pervs have messaged me on okcupid,
and to see if you’ve updated.

I’ve been reading you for years, and not only are you stupendously
hot, but you actually inspire me to be more ME and open and
unabashedly honest. I love the fact that you rant and rave (rave being
the good one) about cool shit and stupid shit and whatever makes you
angry or happy, but I never doubt that you are fucking smart. Not that
I should, but i’m so fucking anal-retentive about grammar and what
people think it makes me angry. And when you do your run on
sentence-type posts I read faster and faster and louder and louder (in
my head) and then I get to the end and am disappointed it’s over.

So, from a drunken half canuck very far away, I just wanted to say

You make me want to go to Toronto again (only been there once) and
properly live.

I’m far away from friends and family and don’t speak the language
here, but after I read your posts I get both a little homesick for
canada, and angry at myself for being so self-pitying for being here
even though my life is pretty great.

ok this is just a drunken ramble.

If i was sober i wouldn’t have the balls to do this, but the sentiment
is still the same durnk or sober.



oh and maybe it’s creepy to send this kind of message, but i get so
fucking annoyed at the shit people say about you (not that i’ve ever
heard it personally, but the emails/comments you post), and if someone
who’s being all negative about you wants to make the effort to say
this shit, then someone who loves your blog and wants to be positive
should do it too, right?

amazing :) (was on my way somewhere couldn’t type in length)

ha good i feel totally validated that i got a smiley face in return! i
can carry on drinking alone and happy now.

carry on being super.

I’m so hung ughhh brain is broken

fuck i forgot about time difference. hair of the dog, no? it will fix your brain

Where in the world r u

spain. i’m in dublin/london usually but here for work.

Woah far well hiiii

HIiiii. hope you get over your hangover soon. i’m dreading mine tomorrow

girl gaaaaaaaaang.

it was the perfect groupie outfit.

we were starving. darius had beer and pizza only. one slice of pizza left. men, you need to be better hosts. step it the fuck up. ok i take it back darius just texted me and reminded me i had the last slice of pizza but that was only later on after the concert. next time have greens available and meats (protein) no carbs. cheese too if you have time.

and this? this is not wine. i elitist twatted all over this. just kidding i will drink anything. i just can’t pass up comedic opportunities.

everyone i kissed this night i’m sorry but you’re sick now.

the dancefloor is right here.

and here.

nothing like sashaying around in front of people all squeezed together tight.

am i too old to crowd surf? i’m pretty sure if i did it i wouldn’t get in trouble. i crowd surfed at metallica when i was 15. twice. don’t ever tell me i’m not punk rock. my friend jessee and i were the only girls in the mosh pit. my boyfriend was so jealous i got to go (kid at school’s dad gave him/us tickets, he had a crush on jessee and i was her best friend) he was such a metallica fan, my ex/first boyfriend and basically felt i was a poseur thanks to my brother, like guy i listened to metallica just as much as you at the time so shut up. i bought him a tour photobook and he didn’t care at all wtf that thing was like forty bucks. i was thrown into a chick on her boyfriend’s shoulders holding a metallica banner. i was wearing docs. i knew i would regret not crowd surfing at a metallica concert if i didn’t do it. took me like half the show to get up the courage. i looked to jessee was like i’m doing it here lift me up she put her hands together and crouched down i put my foot in her DIY stirrup and then all the dudes surrounding us by then knew what was about to happen so they helped launch me up and then the gropefest began you’re coasting upon a sea of hands. guys in mosh pits are animals when a girl passes by they touch you all over. i had to hit a few people. the adrenaline rush and surge you get is fucking intense. then i did it again and someone totally wedgie’d me and i was wearing a thong and i was like ok enough of this. plus knocking into another woman up in the air was a bit frightful. i couldn’t hear for two days afterward. my boss at the hardware store was calling my name down an aisle while i was sorting railing hardware and he thought i was just being passive aggressive so he marches up to me i look up at him all, what? pure attitude. he just laughed. then i yelled I TOLD YOU I CAN’T HEAR WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME? i miss the hardware store. it was very socially stimulating and i like working with wops, it’s just a constant shit talk fest and then all the contractors come in reeking of weed and coffee and cigarettes beeline me and my big mouth and all my deviant stories. ah memories. being a snarky quick study is what kept me employed for five years and now i know how to do all kinds of repairs and have skills you wouldn’t even know. can you picture me in a tool belt beneath a sink installing a peatrap with a.b.s. cement oozing all over, do YOU even know what the hell A B S is? didn’t think so. i went away to england and brooklyn and maine and they always took me back they loved me that much, we were like family. i’m a lifer.

this chick read my palm. she said i have a certain line in my hand that is unique and therefore i am unique and that i’ve had some trauma in my past involving men, maybe a father or a brother. that is where she fucked up. she read melodie’s palm too. there’s elements of truth in this crap but i think a lot is flukey shit telling people what they want to hear and then proceeding further based off their reactions. i started making a frowny face and said ahh no sorry yes i have man trauma but not family man trauma.

penny lane moment:

22 thoughts on “i’m already in the water drowning everybody

  1. Greens are perfet, cheeses too. I still think the best snack trap is french bread with balsamic vinaigrette.

    That is possibly the cutest tartan colours ever did see. Mine’s Bruce, basic red, Brian’s is dark greens and some yellow, not so pretty.

  2. thought you might like to see this – chick from TasteTO is not only a cunt but a hypocrite as well..from her blog comes an excerpt from May 24th of this year..from the post titled “I Don’t Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation”:

    “People who talk shit, spread rumours, leave snide references on Twitter – those are the people who need to be thinking about their reputations. Because they’re the ones who look petty, jealous and unprofessional. Maybe they’ve got nothing interesting to say about themselves. Maybe their lives are so little that the only fun they get is in trying to make others look bad”

    i guess “going columbine on someones ass” and “soul-selling whore” doesnt count?

    not that i wanna give her any more press, but y’all should read that post in its entirety so you can gauge for yourselves how hypocritical this bitch really is…

  3. oooh i never would have guessed le chateau! mine is actually one from The Bay circa like the 40s or 50s..

    its real fur and i always get shit for wearing it, but it was my grandma’s and i think it’s cool so meh

    i have been rocking the faux-fur hat w/ ear flaps as of late but its xmas party season so might be time to up the stakes a bit and break it out of the closet :D

  4. oh and you gave me the WORST case of deja vu the other day when you mentioned YM sis (six years older than me) used to read it religiously and subsequently so did i (even though i wasnt a girly-girl at the time, what the hell, still arent) but i had totally forgotten about it till now hahahaha

    some of the shit in that magazine was raaaaaacy…stuff im surprised they actually printed considering this was more than 10 years ago

  5. @ Dirty Socialist: Never wearing your vintage hat would be a shame, especially when it’s cold enough for it and you want to glam it up. Would it be ethical to landfill all of our vintage fur pieces and buy brand new faux-fur hats (made in dubious working conditions) instead? Just weighing in

    That was a good night my friend, so much fun ftwing with you

  6. holy shit is that melodie in the stripes and red toque? her eye makeup makes her look like a totally different person! crazy awesome!

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