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i saw her standing there

here’s the performance where i had the janet jackson superbowl wardrobe malfunction. enjoy and be disarmed. i don’t particularly like how i sang this one and it was hard to in that bodice. it’s better about halfway through which is when my dress explodes. i was bending over to put my bb and camera down on the stage, had them shoved in my bosom, then i danced and POP. i recovered though. at the end my dad is like one more i’m like DAD my dress. people love the family dysfunction reality. i’ll post harvest moon later that one’s my favourite, also i feel fine. well i don’t feel fine its just the song name ha.

party posts for the new comers.

ten years of this bull$*#!




decade done


barbie hair



dinner with cory mintz


3 thoughts on “i saw her standing there

  1. The harmonic energy of swaying boobs increases as the square of the weight. I’m sooo glad no one was killed…

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