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good india times

girls night out. was pretty sick but pulled through it. to network or not to network? i seriously need a break but i cannot take one as i have something planned every single day until next week is done and then maybe a day off sprinkled here or there which would be reserved for personal time or future husband “work” time. i need a nurse. no, babysitter. all of the above.

big night. so good. thanks smirnoff.

omg this party sucks hash tag lame haaha.


that’s my papa face. we have really tiny eyes and big teeth. the marketplace was so cool, everyone got right into character, bartering, yelling, it was fun. i like fun. i like activities. going to the same events and parties and boozing it’s all the same time after awhile which is why i appreciate this type of event. also the same thing was going on worldwide in however many cities simultaneously. epic.

i overheard people arguing over rupees and then i realised it was pretend why are these guys cutting side deals for their photo stall? oh duhhhh good one white, really swift.

you’d have loved it. at first we walked in there a little hatery which is basically a thinly-veiled shy cop out then after a drink blammo blondetourage gets its act in gear.

kinda blew it big time in the dressing in theme for this my brain was broken yesterday. i could have worn my peacock wizard kaftan. but my hair was up i’d be all hunchy in it.

this cute girl inspired my blog post title i was walking around alone taking video and i asked to shoot her then we chit chat and she asks if i’m having a good time? i say yeah great totally and she goes into punjabi drawl goofy voice GOOD INDIA TIIIIIMES? which took me aback and rendered me momentarily speechless (barely happens i love talking too much). love a girl who hams it up when you are least expecting it. made my black heart melt. whatever they paid her to push that bike around through the crush of bodies all night long was worth every penny.

these dudes were having their own version of a blondetourage except in aladdin outfits form. what are these things called? i know women have the sari. anyway if i wasn’t so sick i’d have interacted with more people. i was a bit dizzy and faint and trying to vodka through my hangover.

george harrison was there. i remember this guy from bloor street i have a video of him in my youtube from a lifetime ago. was happy to see he made his way to this party. support thee fellow artist. it’s not easy.

another toronto notable mr kid rock. the original. wouldn’t you just change your name if someone became more famous than you with the same name? i would.

i’ve met him a billion times and he never ever remembers who i am. you can’t possibly remember everybody his brains must be overwhelmed by the constant party. i made a shithead face on purpose because i didn’t want to succumb to the playing the game. i think casie and i should invade his closet and interview him.

who is this chick i feel like i know her and she was talking to one of us? ahah it’s april man i was out of it last nite lucid sickness ugh. love the lashes very 60’s. i am going to request watching the party at my dad’s today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!) can’t wait. wish i could sleep over, can’t, early appt tomorrow in the city then boot camp work out.

ms o’nizz was on the scene turning heads. she had a big fur coat (guess she checked it) and was totally margot tenenbaumed out and her hair, totally adorable.

i rode this all the way home to parkdale from cherry beach. i am an animal. just kidding i cab chitted all over the city until the fare was up to $300 cos that’s how i do. kiddding. i just remembered trish’s saying, “if i don’t go home with a dude i go home with food” as she got a cabbie to drive her to a 24 hours variety store. last nite i went home alone and foodless so i sort of won? no morning shame just the crushing reality of how single i am and sick.

roddy told us we were being gawked at all night long. people magnets. put several dynamic independent modern women together and holy shit, men, you are in the minority now i feel bad for you. and for us too cos we have competition. the house was crawling with hot women last night in fact i was digging it and humbled by it, inspired too. gotta bring it to win it. but anyway as we were doing our peacock struts and men were coming up to us we’d be nice and dance with them and whisper ok do you want him? no ok me either he’s cock blocking lets dance this way.

assault on the senses.

if you don’t come to one of these gigs with a good time in mind then you will not have one and you will be the guy leaning against the wall, or the girl. if you have a sour time, then you’re sour, not the time.

keri and i were mirror reflections of one another, she was flight attendant classy version i was 1999 holiday party guest and carly was a sexy cupcake. breakup skinny is the best skinny ever.

even the hair too loved it. uniformity. is the best.


photobombed hahahahahhaha.

our handler. very good sport. i can remember being the girl dragging the bro around to everything so i relate to the overwhelming and stress to be the protector of the harem.

dance dance text text tweet tweet smoke smoke drink drink tweet tweet flirt flirt photo photo repeat repeat. casie, i love that kaftan.

another photobomb. a reaction to this day and age and all the vampy chicks out on the town. you know what? being a girl is work, time, effort, of course we are going to capture it we are proud of ourselves why let it all go to waste?

gotta go have a wonderful strung out sunday it’s the actual ACTUAL ten year anniversary mark for my blog today. ten years ago today i was in ward’s bedroom creating a thing called “a blog” and in the beginning it went by life happens to raymi. then raymi happens to life. then everybody loves raymi etcetera and so forth.

dad i love you, you are very important to me. please live forever thank you.

13 thoughts on “good india times

  1. “these dudes were having their own version of a blondetourage except in aladdin outfits form”

    Hahahaha, I fahcking love you. Great post.

  2. So there I was, thinking Casie is such a cutie (I mean like wow!) and then I get crushed by your last sentence. I hope he (your dad) reads that, it’s total truth..

  3. The egg whatchamacallit curry fajitas complimented the vodka amazingly. I saw your cupcake friend but totally missed you there :( happy birthday – get well :)

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