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Dear Raymi,

I have this need/want to write to you every day but I keep shouting at myself (literally, like a crazy person) to stop procrastinating and get my own shit done first (I work from home too). Today I got one thing done and (it took less than 10min but regardless) I’m rewarding myself with a cigarrette and with an actual task to write to you. I am calmly telling myself to keep it short.

I really just want to congratulate you on your 10 years. (!!!!!!) I keep quiet but you truly are part of my daily life, I would probably go mental if you were to stop doing what you’re doing. I know there are many of me’s. So just keep strong, high five!!

I still have this gift for you, I never did stop by the Central while you were there because I’m a weiner… I don’t want to keep saying the gift the gift the gift like it’s something special, it’s honestly worth like 5 bucks, but I still want to get it to you. Do you give your address out to random people? How does the gifting thing work?

I had drinks with Brain Hetherman not too long ago, I hadn’t seen him since my teenage years so it was kind of bizarre. I ended up getting pretty wasted. At one point we were talking about Holly, and because I’m a creep and I know you all know each other, I mentioned your name and how you and Holly hang, and how I think that’s badass. And he was all, ‘how the fuck does Holly know Raymi? how the fuck do YOU know Raymi??’ There was some drunken laughter and I explained that I don’t really know ANY of you. Then he was all omg we should all go drinking together sometime, so I fantasized about that for a little while.

Anyhyoo, breaking my own rules. THANK YOU RAYMI! Write to you again next year! ;)

Lots of love,



check it. PLEASE READ: Alleged Toronto Nightclub Charity Scam.

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