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decade done

these are my mom’s pics.


birthday present from tarek. thanks!

thanks to shkank for the fab fun dresses. thanks to everyone for coming out and celebrating with me it was a blast, think we pulled it off eh? love you all. i’ll post all my pics and casie’s later. xoxo

14 thoughts on “decade done

  1. yes to the costume changes and TUTUS!!! happy decade ‘o’ blogging! you’ve certainly kept me enthralled, sweetie dahhhling.

  2. looks like it was a pretty awesome party! congrats on the 10 years! could you be any prettier?! no wonder you get so much hate mail. i’m sure most girls are jealous of you. love your blog raymi!

  3. I knew I couldn’t make it, which was sad enough, but after seeing this post, I feel like I missed Christmas & the 4th of July…

    Raymi, after all the pics over the last decade, you’ve never looked so lovely. Casie & your Mom were perfect maids of honor, too.

    I WILL be there for the 20th anniversary…

  4. here’s my pictures from last night. tell Casie and your mom too.

    thanks for the fun times. i met a lot of really nice people, so nice to go somewhere in Toronto and not have it be a pissing contest of cool.

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