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while you were being a loser i was doing this

i was really feelin’ the middle finger eh. cool. wasn’t sure if any of these would be any good so i kept with it just in case. just in case you needed to be flipped off ten times.

alright alright got it.

not only do i hate this camera very much, the photos will not come off the flash card.

this, no doubt, was quite the hilarious scene. my friend tim and i roll up, i warn him it’s a taoist community center halloween party. hahaha. everyone was dancing. in costume. fuuuunnnny.

i danced in front of my dad’s line of sight while they were playing with this on my head and he just laughed.

and they made me take a tray of chinese home. i did. i’m like so was this a byob party? hahha. they were pretty tripped out by me like uhhhh, what? why are you here? yo relax i’m that guy’s daughter. then i became superstar supreme. dad and i are going to practice songs later.

i bought some nice wine and some nice as close to champage as it’s gonna get. halloween is otherwise known as a three day shit show and i kinda can’t compromise my marbles at the moment going hog wild like the rest of the city. i am even considering not partaking tonite either. for sure tomorrow though.

i haven’t had time to even think of a costume yet my mind obviously is on other things i do have a rough idea for tomorrow though tonite, all outta ideas. might go to the costume store with my dad which is suicide but i brought not too (way too) many clothes (they are all wrong) so oooh i’ll hit the mall maybe. i feel like only an asshole would go out with a mask like this on halloween, though, it is an excuse to dress as avant-garde as you like, or freakish.

wonky eye city. i totally just did a weird blink i swear.

it has a cool louis vuitton embossed print on the foil. fancy. i am always celebrating something. haven’t cracked it yet. once you open a bottle you have to drink it all. pretty much.

i’m going to curl my hair today.


winning blog comments and others:

dave says

i only can say that I enjoy your blog greatly.

You are like the Canadian internet version of Kim Kardashian, But with substance. Please don’t take that as an insult. I meant it to mean that your are media savvy, that at least you provide a product that I am willing to buy into.

Be glad you have the freedom to do what you do. but for the grace of (fill in the blank) you could be working at Mr Sub.



Umm here’s the thing aside from grammar issues. YOU ARE content. Kim, born rich, famous friends, and that porn film certainly helped. All that got her a show filled with cumkwat for cum-twat fantasies.
Unfortunately content doesn’t = rich. We aim to change that.


poopee says

nonna’s ARE in mourning forever. it just gives them something else to complain about. they are the queens of martyrdom


me: hi grandma, how are you?
my nonna: i’m old.

me: hi grandma, what’s new?
my nonna: nothing’s new when you are old.


Hey Raymi,
I was just sitting here smoking one and thinking about that slamin Hot Bod of yours. Checked out your website today to see how you were doing, and wondered when you you’re going to settle down. It’s clear that you need the muscle that you gave mention to, and to be made love to every day. Surely there is at least one person in this world that can truly make you happy. I really do hope you find that. Be happy Raymi, do what turns you on. ;-) Take care love. Happy Holloween

treated myself to a little diamond necklace from shoppers (had to spend more to get a ton of points) and perfume. i never buy myself perfume i always get it for free somehow. i love being girly sometimes i can’t believe i just said that. the makeup is too dark i have to return it though it already went through the sponge. ugh. more fascinating updates later happy saturday. god i love lazy.


my guest list ticket thing isn’t working i think the paypal isn’t syncing so please be patient and thanks for your determination. also if you know what the hell i need to do to make it work let me know.

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  1. Champagne secret: stick a spoon in it upside down if you want to save an open bottle – the bubbles will stay!

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