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Meet the Kerouacs

going out as my mom/a cougar tonite. watch your back cubs.

i told her what i was wearing and she snapped I DON’T WEAR GOLD.

well, tonite you do. she’s bringing me cougar print ears and a matching tail. she wears the same costume every year so it makes sense that i wear these two pithy attempts at a costume. it’s what SHE would do so i’ll stay true to form here. also this means i get to be rude and filterless all nite long and get in on everybody else’s business. perfs.

my dad keeps wigging out every time he looks at me hahaha.

horror stories of how the nite goes to come.

my uncle (who is ten times more insane than my mother) is going out with us too and a bunch of my mom’s friends. hilarious. tonite would be the nite to follow me around with a camera to start stockpiling trainwreck family secrets footage for the inevitable reality show. BYE!

8 thoughts on “Meet the Kerouacs

  1. hahahahah oh man i so wish i thought of this.
    imagine i walked down to the parent cabin right now in my mom’s clothes and was like HEY MOM LOOK IM YOU HAPPY HALLOWEEN

    ahahahahaha ohhhhhhhhh my life

    have fun

  2. o. m. g. you’ve been reading my mymind. and somehow telepathetically done what I wish I could for halloween. i love you and yer fam damily and this is puurrrfect. rawrrrr..(said the other cougar)…if you’re in the _keville tonight, i’m missing you. annoy and enjoy!

  3. You looked adorable tonight. As usual.

    Please don’t post any gross pics of me. If you think it’s cute I trust you. :)

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