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i don’t know what i have done i’m turning myself into a demon

i’ve decided to stay another night in burlington. i’ve barely relaxed since being here but oh well i’m having fun times. i feel like a kid again when i come out here. regressing is the best. peter pan syndrome forever. also, i’m sick. today was supposed to be the central staff party dunno what they ended up doing, clem put in a hot tub. but again sick i couldn’t picture myself in a bathingsuit in the grey world feeling so wiped. on a train packing my stuff, too lazy. my throat has been hurting and hoarse since saturday morning, it comes and goes. right now it comes.

wish i brought my laptop. if i uploaded my pictures onto this thing it’d explode. so, i give you, pictures of pictures.

this is one of the places i was during the g20 weekend. i know the bartender. i had a bender in oakville. taking a limousine in the opposite direction of cop cars and vans of politicians was crazy. in the pouring rain. i was really depressed that weekend. i had been holding on to something that wasn’t going to take off and finally let go of it and decided to write off my life for a couple days.

i want to do some funny pictures in an easy chair by a fire holding a glass of brandy in my hand so i can start branding my food posts as masterpiece dinner theatre with raymi.

my freakish memory skill addiction to tai play and 11up impressed everyone. then i walked up grabbed the cordless mic and threw down an elaborate rendition of so whatcha want replete with personal freestylings between verses. monnaghan’s never saw it coming. one guy told buenos that i had “nazi nipples” i am for sure buying a bra the second i get home. i was going to buy some at vic secret but i ran out of steam in the changeroom. auntie’s tired (hi binsk).

hung out with a soccer team of young dudes last nite. FREDDY COUGAR (i can go as that for halloween). he’s smoking a doober ha ha.

whattup dudes.

jeez so pointless so distorted. meh there we are.

roots obsessive.

rubbed all my bronzer off once i looked at this picture.

we’ve created a monster.

my niece uses the term awesomeness to describe stuff that’s awesome. i used it in a sentence to give her a thrill and she melted. she’s like, that’s MY word. i go, i know. as if it was my word now. she idolizes me a little (huge) and asked me ten times if i get recognized a lot. uh oh. wonder what she says about me at school to the other kids. oh to be a fly on the wall.

someone asked me why my photos always looked like they were taken from television. i should have lied and said they’re stills from my reality show i didn’t tell anyone about yet haha. um i mean they ARE. totally. for sure.

holy crapola my thighs are lookin’ aight.

i made this.

omg what a little raymi. gave her the surfer glasses i bought hungover (following beerfest) the morning of going to wakestock.

i am getting a bodum for my dad’s place. this means i will have purchased two bodums in a short period of time. two of something. sometimes you’re so lazy you don’t even get around to buying one of something. like, fuck i dunno, can’t think. that is irritating. i had to buy the first one cos i smashed melucas’.

i am going to enjoy being taller than my niece while it lasts. as if she’s not going to be a model. you can’t tell in pictures but the checked pattern of my brother’s shirt is very close to ricky’s shirt from trailer park boys. we laughed about that for a good bit. my brother has a lot of rickyisms to his nature. in this photo i have just discovered that my niece is ticklish. nana told me. oh really you are??? i love messin’ with kids.

after this was taken my brother was like ew why did i put my arm on you like that, that was gay and not skipping a beat i go yeah don’t touch me fag. my dad loves when we rip each other and he loves to talk about all the ripping we used to do as kids. this is why we’re so mouthy, our smart mouths were full on encouraged, rewarded with laughs and never punished.

don’t worry i get it pretty hard too. one thing about family is they’ll put you in your place like that. you think you’re hot shit step one foot in the door, carved. to. pieces. hysterical.

bought this shirt dress on friday and wore it for 24 hours like a dirtbag.

i am obsessed with my mom’s feet/toes they are always impeccable. we measured our heights. she is 5’7. i am 5’8. burn.

that’s enough for now. i’ll be back in the city tomorrow don’t lose your shiiiit. guess what ridiculous service i’ll be reviewing tomorrow. something i’ve never done before. i’ll give you a hint, it’s very cougar.

10 thoughts on “i don’t know what i have done i’m turning myself into a demon

  1. “you think you’re hot shit step one foot in the door, carved. to. pieces. hysterical.”

    that’s so funny. i know what you mean, my sisters and i are the same way. you can’t get away with anything and its so dang funny!

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