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sorry i’ll try not to talk about haaaaaaaaters anymore. i become momentarily entertained but then it really pisses people off who totally do not hate me and then we have the same fight over and over again. here’s a quickie post before i have to dash out.

i’m growing out my bangs. summer is over time for the bang swoop. this is sort of what i look like right now. turned that mess of a hair into a bun thing.

this is me last nite. 3 ounces of booze in that texas tea. yikes. i hate myself for wasting yesterday and then going to tortilla flats of all places.

what do you call those mexican kaftan things i keep wanting to say i’m wearing a sombrero but i’m so not. this is from forever 21 last xmas time.

this is where i lived at 19. the infamous crawford ghetto. ugh. hahaha. this is where lucas and i first ever lived together. then i let all the crazies in. that front window was my bedroom.

carly says my hair is getting longer. thank god.

so marie antoinette.

sooo fucking good. this was my weekend. luxurious and lazy.

melodie has never seen labyrinth before. so funny watching her reactions to shit i know was coming up. hilarious.

random houseguest spied us in the lcbo i invited him over to smoke some pot. coincidentally knew mel from years ago. he took off his socks.

family dinner sunday nite.

carly cutie.

alex insisted on making me something to eat.



then i met a giant.

ok bye for now from the raymi times.

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