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emails what made my day

from my good old friend jeremy

How are you doing? I hope things are well for you and that life is good. I’m very happy that you (unlike the rest of us) get to do the work you dreamed to do as a teenager. I wish I could say the same. I hope that you have the continuing creativity, good luck and skill to do this for a long time and that you understand that you are very lucky and not very many people can say that they had a goal as a teenager and accomplished it. Becky reads your blog and says that you are funny and entertaining. I hope you are well and life is good and that you could get me up to speed on what you have been up to. Tell you brother and mom I said Hi and that i hope they are well. When we were young I knew you had the skill and IQ to become a great writer and that I thought you would write some great book. That fact that you did it online shows that you are even smarter than I thought. Good Luck and keep up the good work.

and then this one from alecia of which we go way back as well in internet years.


I have to admit something…I absolutely LOVE hate-mail. All kinds. It is hysterical. I’ve been loving your hate-mail tear-aparts as well. Seems to be a lot more lately, or maybe you’re just more vocal about it? Anyways, I can’t believe these pathetic captain douche-bags waste their internet time tearing up people that they don’t know…

(Sidenote: I do this occassionally, but only to elected politicians, whose job it is to hear my grievances.)

Do these people actually think that you give a flying fuck what they think about you? HEY I HAVE READ THIS BLOG FOR __ YEARS THEREFORE MY OPINION SHOULD AFFECT YOU IN SOME MANNER. YOU OWE THIS TO ME FOR PUTTING UP AN INTERESTING BLOG YOU ARE MY SLAVE yada yada yada…it’s insanity.

Fuckin’ cunts, mostly. I never got along with chics well to begin with and may not even get along with you in real life (being that I am awkward and hate strangers and many other issues) but you are a force to be reckoned with and I respect that. Half of the shit you write about I don’t relate to at all (fashionable clothing and more than 2 hair cuts a year? WHAAA?!) but I even enjoy reading it regardless of my lack of general interest because of the WAY you write it and the amusing banter and the trillions of photos and uniqueness. You’re putting out a product that people want…and I would imagine that at least 3/4 of your hate mail is born out of jealousy, because people can’t create anything on their own that isn’t a complete waste. I for one will opt for straight out admitting jealousy at aspects of your life. People want you at their parties so bad they give you free food and booze?! God damn, that is fucking sweet! Why can’t people just admit shit like that?

I suppose even in writing this I’m offering more unsolicited garbage for you to filter through, but the purpose when I began typing was just to be like “KEEP ROCKING I LOVE IT.” & while many may claim that you’re giving more ammunition to the hate-mailers when you repost their e-mails…I just don’t agree. It’s hilarious and your entire not-giving-a-fuck attitude would be dampened in some manner if you didn’t do just precisely whatever the fuck you wanted…




back in town holy heatwave ugh. i am such a dirty skidrat right now. killed it at the gym now i’m sitting in my fave rickets position in bed playing internet catch up. i am cottage fat. such a great time we had at the moon basin marina it was like being on another planet driving in there, the terrain of the earth all reds and orange rock retarded paths in the forest ahhh sucks to be back but also nice to be back.

if you wanna PARTY ON RAYMI’S DIME this friday SEPT 3 at the mod club for does it offend you? yeah! let me know. went last year with sass and the gang and it was such a fun show. dance city. that was back when i didn’t spazz out at shows i’d just stand around trying and failing miserably at getting drunk but dioyy got me dancing. also i was loaded from all day drinking on the island. this time will be just as great cos you can have my balcony spot with food set up (buy your own damn drinks cheapskate) plus, free show raymi’s guests of honour. how nice am i? just email me your name and how many plus 1’s and there you go on the list. here is a video of me dancing like a lunatic to one of DIOYY’s jams. woah this is from 2 years ago. time flies holy crap.

i haven’t showered since saturday morning. i look beautiful right now.

guess how many chicks want my black dress? hilarious.

i have so many photos to upload from the weekend. it can wait. internet connection in my room is so slow i want to strangle it into submission ughhhhhhhh why is the signal so weak it’s probably from all that p0rn lucas downloads.

7 thoughts on “emails what made my day

  1. Haha, I’m glad I was mentioned in your blog via my husband’s flattering e-mail and not because I’m one of those assholes who try to tear you down! Keep on entertaining all of us for as long as you can stand it. And good for you for giving ‘em hell. Keep on living your life that we are all jealous of (I’m not afraid to say it), and keep letting us all peer in from the outside like a bunch of creeps.

  2. wait. what? two years ago?! time sure does fly by.
    hate mail is just something i cannot understand. ppl actually take the time to so rude and hurtful. it baffles me! i am glad you share both the good and the bad though.

  3. Gee, that black haired Raymi sure can dance!
    PS: Cid looks a bit like my cat Misty (the friendliest cat in the world)

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