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All the single Raymis

i reject your reality.

this shade of nail polish looks better on melodie.

going on a spree of how many days we can hang out before we hate each other. getting pretty good at tolerating moods though it gets a little close at points. excuse me one moment while i go into the other room AND FUCKING SCREAM INTO A PILLOW. thank you.

this photo is teribble but my arm is super tanned looking.

what sorry can’t help it there’re mirrors everyyyywhere.

after a night ride the pants come off. too lazy to put on leggings also the half tub of (half the fat) coffee Häagen-Dazs was saying pants-free zone. if you don’t drink for a night you reduce your caloric intake then eff it all up by ice cream mental.

more please.

it’s now “a thing” that we’re not blasting and all of ginger’s friends think he is a total fucking idiot retard moron. one guy is like, super pissed off about it hahahahaha and they’re all reading my blog too now HI! lets start a counter, day 009: NO CHANGE. who cares, it’s nice to hang out platonically doing couple-like shit without sex fucking it all up.

hanging with nerdy engineers gets you up super early. way too early. you feel like you can get so much done with your day like go to the gym a thousand times and speed read 4 newspapers at once. ugh. all the stuff i didn’t do yesterday i HAVE to do today. stress attack!

not even 7 in the morning.

i tell you nothing like morning air whipping you at 130km or however fast we got up to to wake you the hell up. i feel like i’ve experienced ten seasonal changes and am only going to feel more and it’s not even half past 9. i like how arrogant you can get so early in the day I DID EVERYTHING FIRST ME EMEMEM EME ME! look at this day i fucking OWN it!

and now i am starving. i think i’m going to start trying to be a morning person, eating breakfast morning person. productive person. normal boring person? should i do this? gym guy says i should eat breakfast and lunch, maybe if i do normal shit like the rest of the normals i will be as fit as they are? why do i have to be stubborn all the time with my shit, my diets and fucked up eating restraints? and why does every condo in the city’s garage have green paint accents?

safety last.

toronto is looking more and more like vancouver. condos everywhere. barrrrrrf. the city will never be complete. feels like only yesterday i was commuting in from streetsville every morning looking at the skyline and the half constructed buildings like, has any progress been made are you fucking satisfied yet? how many people do you need living in boxes in the sky? why don’t you fix the streets first to make way for all these people. i almost die every day on queen and yonge. shit gets scary.

so early you can see the moon. THE MOON!

the shade is growing on me.

retarded o’clock dropped off now what the hell do i do?

beat off to myself? yes please!

nah nah nah i am going to hit the gym early come back here get gussied up meet with the designer bags people i was supposed to meet yesterday then head off to the monk’s table for toronto beer week did you even know it was toronto beer week? still? actually it’s called the toronto week of beer. why not the toronto YEAR of beer? it’s a press dinner (mmmmmmmm) in Honor of Saint Arnold the Patron Saint of Beer. (i hope they have whiskey haha) dad i want to take you to one of these things someday. “Bill White Hosts a Five Course Extravaganza of Belgium Beer and Food Pairings” maybe i’ll go wait outside right nowwww.

i just want to be a fat wife with kids already, eating and drinking my way through the boring city. fuck i love eating so much it’s ridiculous. how can everyone be awake so long without thinking about inhaling an entire box of mini wheats like that’s all i can think of right now aaaaarrrrrrrrrrg.

should i wear my heathers dress tonight (black lacy) or the other thing that makes me look like i have big tits? oh nevermind you’ll get it wrong anyway. BYE.

13 thoughts on “All the single Raymis

  1. thank you. i fixed your comment so you aren’t blatantly shilling for traffic and tagging your url (unnecessarily) at the bottom.

  2. Your couply/non-couply thing seems fun. Good job! (If it ever becomes officially “couply”, your blog comments are gonna go nuts with all the girly happiness.)

  3. you hang out with him in your underwear, sleep over, cook for him, straddle him on his bike on a daily basis- how are you NOT together? this guys boner must be soooooorrrrrrreeeee.

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