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for that dollar she’s a star tonight without warning she gave up the ghost inside

a very barbie day in the neighbourhood.

pink on pink.

wurst sampler. it was not the worst. that triangle is a galette. a galette is an obnoxious way of saying scalloped potato pie thing. as an aside, i love hot mustard.

the greens with risotto cakes. signif portion of food, actually a meal, for 9 bucks. bier markt. ludicrously obnoxious beer menu of course, impressive.

love sugar beach.

jerk turkey mission.

have you heard of the gap before? it’s this term guys use for the part between your legs, upper thighs, that doesn’t touch. apparently it’s “all about the gap” holy fuck right? guys. men. you are ridiculously crude behind our backs. locker room talk. anyway, meet my gap.

why are tubs of protein so fucking insanely big yet half full? as if jocks aren’t world-destroying types enough as is they buy dog food sized containers of protein powders that aren’t full. ha ha awesome. EXTREEEME! ginger and i are both gym rats. very jersey shore these days.

are these the same beans like baked beans? i am too lazy to remember what it said on the can. strained them through a siv and washed them of that ectolasma syrupy goo. ew.

some a-hole said i looked like hell in my comments so ginger said fuck that i’ll prove you don’t. nice guy.

yawning blood shot eye’d opposite of hell after ten rounds of weed, a fish called wanda, mitch hedburg, and the last stressful disturbing thirty minutes of shutter island not to mention sweating profusely from jerk turkey a la hot volcanic sauce plus tandoori maple syrup addition.

oh yeah i was so hosed on my gym date that i couldn’t even recall what we had for dinner. we shared prix fixe, i recall the horrible salad and i remember the creme brulee the size of a dinner plate but in between, no recollection. gym date was aghast over text. JAMBALAYA WE HAD. wow. and no not the jambalaya sunday nite with CHF at harlem underground wow why is ANY of this important even?

so tired could barely open eyes. the light was too bright. i have very sensitive vision. they say bipolars do.

betty you look fucking awful.

bed tiiiiime.

gym dramz. one of the front desk girls went out for a drink with gym date, it went nowhere. i think the other girl innocently informed her about my gym pick-up. girl 2 said she saw him looking around for me last week, saw him texting me and said she was loving alllll of it hahaheheh i love that chick she’s the one who went through the photos with me. i think gym guy dyed his hair in-between seeing and dating me. how perceptive if i’m right. i was diggin’ the grey/pepper hair more though. anyway i hope the other chick gets over her testiness or i was imagining it. i will keep you posted, naturally.

music was being blared couple days ago so loudly i couldn’t think and was forced to smoke part of a bowl before gym-bound and this picture i guess is the birth of that moment in time. i have been listening to broken bells like mental, totally burning through that record.

ok well there you go those would be the beans PARTIALLY OBSCURED STILL. ginger beer plus pineapple ginger juice mixed with sweet delicious dominican rum, riding the tropical wave theme. mini vacation. evil chemical instant coffee cos ginger doesn’t drink it. never had a sip in his life i keep trying to get him to, just to be a shithead and what’s the big deal about it? he already does energy drinks AND i think tricking him into sipping HALF a slushy coffee drink from starbucks counts. i accidentally ordered one at the crack of fuck one morning and was like uhhhhh this is the complete opposite of what i want and thought i was ordering THIS IS WHY I NEED COFFEE BEFORE I LEAVE ANY BUILDING.

gym ninja. apparently i have to get actual running shoes and skate shoes don’t suffice. poll please? these gallaz (globe’s sister) are cushioned, impact-absorbing bouncy to all hell, still not good enough? do i need those dumb nike rocket things or, ugh, new balances? ps. i have had these sneakers since i was 20.

porsche man shades saved my it started to rain overcast life.

johnny from work who used to be fat always schools me about food and protein and won’t shut up about me not eating carbs. yesterday i had to tell him to shut up i wasn’t in the mood. but anyway he says it’s these days we only care what we feel not what we see in the mirror, if i feel bloated then i’ll feel fat and then i’ll see fat. a lot of it is in our heads. given but the way he said it all stoic zen asian-like, it resonated.

sauce concoction. then i smashed one of the 4897 beer bottles on the counter.

final result.

ok my mom and niece are in town i have to sneak in a work out, shower, then fashion bag clothes designer meeting and then somehow hang with them even though i haven’t heard from mom yet. i bet she is pissed i’m not hosting them here (cheapskate) i can’t do it, i have shit to do, i am not prepared. also, hello, parkdale? not happening. i can’t be around to make sure she doesn’t take pictures with every single fucking thing in my room and drive me up the wall.

i left work early yesterday cos i was beyond fatigued and felt like i was coming down with something, throat was hoarse and my head was heavy, foggy, not right. i still feel it’s possible i have something but hoping all my vitamin-intake and working out has my immune system on my side. seems to be working for redhead.

bye-o bye-o, sky-o!

18 thoughts on “for that dollar she’s a star tonight without warning she gave up the ghost inside

  1. Hey Raymi,
    I think you should invest in some gym shoes. If you go to the running room they can tell you what ones you need for your feet. Honestly I tried running in skate shoes but they are so heavy, and not enough ankle support..but the gym.

    What kind of protein are you taking? I was thinking about your gym infatuation and eating healthy thing, and thought I would suggests checking out the Paleo diet, and doing crossfit. The diet is really hard and the first bit you will be in a bad mood. I have just started and my body is still in shock from the lack of grains and sugars. But it is supposed to have a big pay off. Also crossfit is VERY addictive and makes you feel so strong!
    Anyways just some friendly suggestions.

    P.S What kind of protein are you taking?
    You look great and I love your hair.
    Keep doing what you are doing

  2. oh im not taking any protein. just energy shots and tuna, turkey/chicken breast and lots of vegetables. fruit too. is crossfit like insane hiking? i run for 22 minutes at 6 on the treadmill just fine in skate shoes.

  3. man do I ever hate those new Archie character depictions. I refuse to read those new ones. They all look like crackheads or maybe meth heads….

  4. An old guy friend called the GAP the DIAMOND.

    Or was it the TRIANGLE….

    Annyways, I just remember all the girls taking their pants off and checking.

  5. You don’t need running shoes unless you are a hardcore, running-on-cement runner. Shit, I used to work out in my Chacos. Skater shoes are coo.

  6. The gap. Ha. I had a first date once and the guy said he liked that I had a “jock crotch”, which meant the same thing. So of course after a compliment like that I just HAD to sleep with him.

  7. If you want nice feet when you’re older, I would suggest getting proper running shoes. There’s a lot more technicality in running shoes than people realise. Lame but true. And no, Nike shocks don’t count.

  8. i will never have nice feet they are permanently mangled/sculpted/corned baby toes from years of dance. they’re not horrible but they’re not movie material.

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