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hello heloi

dynasty. more fireside chats with raymi lauren after these messages. couldn’t match the room more if i was a fuckin’ flower.

so there’s this basmati rice based cooking oil called heloi. it’s like olive oil except not. melodie cooked using it last nite. you can test it out right now for free down at the ex if you want, it’s brand new, just about to hit the market and i got myself a bottle. it’s a high heat cooking oil which is perfect for deep frying stuff. here is melodie and lucas’ cooking adventure while i was pumping iron at the gym yesterday. so nice to come home to a beautifully lovingly cooked meal. i bought the wine so i helped. then i got lucas wasted on cider and wine while mel’s band jammed in the back room. whoops!

those beans and rice from yesterday’s nakedness shoot.

product placement! it’s so good for you it’s retarded.

our new friend.

black rice and corn and yellow pepper.

ground something or other what will be breading of the shrimp.

i guess that’s an egg yolk in there and chilis. such a complicated and complex component concoction. how many more c words? cock. she gave me like 500 pages of notes i am too scattered to go and make sense of. i said make them as bipolar as possible please.


soooo tasty.

psychedelic vortex.

i took this bad one. yummy as fuck it was. go have a sample right now or at some point this weekend at the ex. all the new age foodie hippie types are blowing their loads over this oil apparently. i’m going to incorporate it into more meals and try to start cooking again. i eat out way too much. but only because i am a lesbian. my review on the taste is, well, healthy. i’m really hungover so that means it wasn’t a heavy meal and i don’t feel guilty over it being “fried” cos the oil again, super healthy. raymi anorexia diet approved. it’s good for your heart too so it’ll cancel out all those bumps. he ha haha.

melodie will follow up with recipe and other smart things for me later on. i’m keeled over with stomach spasms right now that are not awesome so sorry for the slacky. TGIF? this post was really hard to write and look at food pics i have tons more i didn’t use i am borderline barf town at the moment. sucks. sad face.

new polish, went with the pink for today.

today’s meal. had to venture out cos our water was turned off. poor john’s chick was like did you get notice? yeah, her. pointing at melodie. she knew for a few days. i did not. you are fired at giving notice.

i want your band to be called date machine or at least one of your songs. they played a song on the spot for me as i was getting ready to go out last nite. was half hosed by the time he got here. we had a good time. i think i talked too much though.

and now i can’t go to the gym looking like garbage anymore. one of the downfalls of cruising where you sh*t. ew. i always hated that term.

5 thoughts on “hello heloi

  1. K. I’m just gonna explain the meal a bit…
    I made a black rice salad and did tempura with prawns, and veggies.
    Black Rice is weird rice. It must be soaked for 4 hours, and rinsed out before cooking. It’s stiiicky.

    To make the black rice salad:

    I toasted pepitas and seasoned them with smoked paprika and salt. Diced up some yellow pepper, white onion, corn off the cob and sun-dried tomatoes.
    Made a vinaigrette with the rice oil, balsamic reduction and balsamic vinegar. Then tossed it up and put it in the fridge.
    My intent of having color bits (bright reds, whites yellows) within the black rice did not really work as the pigment spread through. It’s a trade-off because that pigment is antioxidant anthocyanins, therefore worth the loss of aesthetic appeal. It could be improved by saving some of the ingredients to garnish post-toss.

    The beans were not happening:

    The beans totally did not soften even after hours of cooking, which happens sometimes if they’re old and it’s really annoying and hard to predict. I got them at No Frills in a package so I guess I wont buy that brand anymore. So baked beans I did not make…

    Tempura Tantrum:

    The tempura was fun, and like she said, I never deep fry cause I don’t use vegetable oil nor canola and olive oil isn’t good for frying and coconut oil is too expensive.
    First: coated the tempura-fated in coconut flour, then egg dip, then breadcrumbs.
    (I ground up coriander and black mustard seeds with hot red peppers, mixed that with the breadcrumbs.)
    I battered big chunks of pepper, onion and mini squashes as well as prawns. We have a new SriLankan grocery store in the neighborhood that sells fresh fish and seafood for pretty cheap. I opt to shell them myself. Disassembled a squid the other night. That was cramazing.

    What else can I say…bandmates showed up just as food was to be served and I did not get to eat the meal with the family. I had some black rice salad and a prawn (thanks for saving that for me guys!) when I came home loaded from the P & L show. Everything tasted great, but anything does when you’re drunk hungry. I got rave reviews from the diners, just next time, if I cook, I don’t do dishes!!!

    xo Mels

  2. i have triplets who are 5. one of them says that when they ‘become a man’, they will be in a band called ‘bologna neck.’ so, in 15 years, if you hear of such a band, it might be wise to see them. they rock out on the schylling guitars and trumpets already. cne monday for us. oil sounds grand.

  3. “i eat out way too much. but only because i am a lesbian.”–ah ha ha. I have that exact aqua nailpolish on my toenails right now. I love it.

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