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having fun with the warhol. that’s what i’m going to call it. it’s the penultimate word for what i feel i am doing when using it (camera) and showcasing my life. arty faggy pop hip whatever. i just wish i knew how to make the photos smaller so they don’t eat up years of my life whilst uploading.

now it’s not raining so i can hit the gym but i actually have to shower first cos i have courtney love hair as you will notice in the photos below that melodie took of me all nakes just now. it’s liberating (maybe for you but for us it’s normal) to have such tolerant roommates. i walk around in the buff and it’s like i’m wearing clothing to them. it’s not even sexual. it’s just hilarious. we see each other naked all the time who cares? i wish we could expand our parkdale mansion into a hippie farm. it’s already a commune for the most part considering cindy and reg downstairs though they’ve not caught on to our clothing optional sanction as far as i know. i guess it would be a little weird to come up the stairs naked for a little chat yeah? only a matter of time i suppose. it has been a scorcher of a summer which in-part has inspired nudity it’s ridiculous how much i’ve blown on clothes this summer only to wear the same 4 things over and over again as well as spend the majority of my time naked. i didn’t put so much work into tan lines to cover those suckers up. i need to take them for a stroll on a brazilian beach.

i can’t go to the gym looking like barf today because gym guy is going to be there about the time i’ll be there and we’ll have to talk in person now ahhhhhhhhh. he texted me “hot gym thing” which is hot. that should be his nickname though not really my style to be all froofy-sex and the city cheesy like some girls refer to the men in their life by. i was just going to say DIMPLES but then i remembered i already gave a guy that nickname so there you go looks like i’m a cheeseball afterall.

i’ve been demented all day. i’ve been on the run for 6 days in a row now it seems, no time for anything other than stretching self too thinly. just as i start to settle i am up and on the go again. i have travel fever bad and i don’t work til sunday so hmm…but i am going away next weekend so. i want to do ten things at once and i also just want to sit on my ass. ok here we go photos warning kinda racy (“maybe for you” hahahaha). sorry dad!

there’s a set jamie took of me when i was 19 that are kinda similar to these. body looks the same. crazy time for shower hair does not.

Raymi eating

well maybe not exactly the same but if you want to go through more of his of me they’re here.

ugh courtney love hair for suuuuuuure.

soaking beans for a tasty meal for later on.

this one is just hilarious to me so not even flattering just funny and my ass is box-shaped over there what?? i look prehistoric and bigger than the fridge. that orange magnet is the number for booze delivery, it has a cat and dog on it for a deak-out.

our place is great for photographs when it isn’t trashed. which it sort of part was at the time these were taken. who cares look at my pearly whites and good vibes.

melodie was like do you care if the crucifix is in the background i was like why did jesus get so much pussy? cos he was hung like this. does it look like i “care” about “things”?

superhero fight.

gearing up.

trying to cram a record back where it came from no not fuck the records.

are you feeling this one?


melodie goes awwwwwww it’s baby duncan. nope, just me, feelin’ it. getting my pose on and shit.

yo do you want to buy this fucking finch or not? someone is considering buying my scribble of french hamburger i drew on the back of my business card yesterday during breakfast. all in a day’s non-/sort of work.


22 thoughts on “OLYMpissssss

  1. Maybe next time put NSFW, you know people do acually have real jobs here, and am not as impressed by porn at at work

  2. it’s my blog and i can get you fired if i want to. maybe i never put nsfw cos im not a p0rn site and that shit is cheesy and you kinda know what you’re signing up for when you log on to raymicom.

  3. yay nudes! me and my close gf’s are the same way with our nudity. nice to know we are not alone. total hotness and btw you are awesome for posting a full out ass shot like that. well done.

  4. wowsers…why would they be on your blog unless they expected a little ‘hey hey’
    That ‘Undisputed Truth’ album, according to Uncut magazine, is one of the 50 most in-demand out of print albums….worth some $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  5. I like the first photo the best . the arm hiding whats under the tan line makes it more interesting.
    Without being sexy….this one is the sexiest.

  6. raymi your body is hot! i wish i looked that good naked! i usually don’t go for girls but you are turning me on a bit :)

  7. I love that you are such a free person. Love the pics and not in a pervey kind of way. O.K. maybe just a bit.
    Do they have short fridges in Canada or are you just really tall?
    And in my mind your but is not boxed shaped. One of the sexiest things to me are the dimples just above a Woman’s but. I did have to wait until I left work to read/look at this post but it was worth it. I don’t think it was porn-like at all but more of a look from the outside in into your life. Thank you as always for sharing!

  8. 1. Totally smokin in first pic
    2. Platinum hair sexier than brown hair
    3. I agree… No cooking naked.

    Rock on babe.

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