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and a sun to maybe dissipate shadows of the mess you made

i am mary magdalene. wait, she was a hooker right? well based on everyone’s impression of the brief drake lounge chat-up i had sunday night and that guy thinking i was an escort and all…ha ha. i wish i could go back in time and change my response to eat shit and face meet bar top.

ten thousand day hangover. size two garth shirt and i are in a shrinking race.

it’s harder than you think to eat with a helmet on.

i was a bit nervous then a bit narcoleptic (almost!) on the back of this thing, knew it would cure my hangover a little. you just have to turn your head off while on it.

this looks way too fall for me. i love fall, we know this, but i’m not done with summer just yet.

cheeeeesy and cool. ginger i think is secretly working on a side website project of chicks on his bike pics cos he always makes me do one last pose on or near the bike. as if i don’t acquiesce.

this guy is from france, from the 60’s maybe? it is gorgeous. i shaved some parm then grated some with the mouli grater. made an arugula prosciutto olive/bals pepper tomato greens salad and polished off a bottle of rose with dad and shot the shit. now i have a date with mom and doctor appointment i am so tiiiired. my hair looks like garth algar’s right now and yesterday i looked like michelle fucking tanner with my rainbow pink argyle socks and red gallaz (chick division of globe sneakers. i want a shoe sponsor!) next time i come out here i’m bringing my longboard then i’ll get skeletal for sure. and 13 year old boyfriends.

i just listened to this song 20 times in a row. be like me.

the more i think about our wakestock experience the more i laugh my head off and hug myself with, glee? it was so fun and bizarre.

yes hello there.


ok have to dash its been real. real retarded.


9 thoughts on “and a sun to maybe dissipate shadows of the mess you made

  1. oh cute, your friends pink hair with the pink converse. yes, I’d match my hair to every accessory too, if I were her. in seattle it is just NOW summer weather.

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