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you and me and hair

popped over to redd hair studio to visit britt get her brain bleached out and wouldn’t you know it they fell in love with our hero so this saturday i’m getting my own special hair extensions, gratis. these are just two pieces clipped in the front. makes all the difference eh. mom hair straight to orange county.

before joey ramone blonde brat.

after, just like old times.

before, miserable.

after, partytown.

matches hair perfectly.

shannon the owner is exclusive up the yin yang not to be a priss or anything (SO to be a priss) she does all the celebs and is a fucking hair genius, you can’t just call and ask for her you have to BE somebody. i love hair sponsorship. any and everything sponsorship really but hair is tops as it’s always growing and can get pretty pricey. she said my dad and i did a good job on my roots and she likes the colour.

earlier i went for sushi on ronces then we went to have more at sushi d then i went to bed early and now i’m off to work. see you laterrrrrr.

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12 thoughts on “you and me and hair

  1. girls need bedhead. if hair hasnt been pulled, yanked & handlelbarred, it really is of no use to we avant garde

  2. your hair is a barometer/forecast for how good my week’s gonna be. this week is looking DIAPHANOUS ‘N HEARTBREAKIN.

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