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needs more pretention

met up with craig at the drake for carpaccio and a mimosa he’s like, oh how nice you biked all the way from paris. no, more like honest ed’s during a panic attack. what a killer weekend.


ok more tomorrow.

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12 thoughts on “needs more pretention

  1. Haha love the shooz! When I was in China, there were so many brands like that. We wanted to buy them all but they fell apart before we even left for home.
    Come to think of it, you’re less of a Barbie and more of a Baib(re)! That makes sense, right? If you sound it out in your head, right? You know I’m calling you a babe, right?

  2. thats what i like about you: your not actually too pretentious to spell pretension wrong

  3. i think what u you mean is that old “why is ‘aesthetic’ spelled with the ‘a’?”
    Answer: it’s more Aesthetic,

    irl you’d owe me a a dinner
    but still, nice try

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