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stop the music and go home

welcome to strung out sundays.

here’s the cast.

nothing like fresh shoes. thanks again mer.

before all that rob and i hit mitzi’s for dinner. we got there and had zero appetite so i had a cigarette. only half, it was disgusting and stupid but felt right. and very wrong.

mel’s phone exploded so it’s like being a kid again waiting around for her to get home, how did anybody hang out before cellphones?

i look quite fetching with a clothespin in my hair. i dunno why melodie had one in her hair, i stopped asking questions around here back in january.

that’s me with no makeup. that’s rob with no makeup.

that’s lucas with no makeup.

oh god.


it only gets better from here on in.

family meeting.

i love mezzrow’s. it’s the ronnie’s of parkdale.

you’re the ronnie’s of parkdale.

melodie would rather go to the rummy bar with no pants on than eat one of the sad fish of mezzrow’s. i tried to tweet this last nite but it appears as though a drunk person got a hold of my account. how do you block someone on twitpic?

a moment.

i should have gotten that skirt in a smaller size. whatever. everybody in drapes.

see how normal people smile (melodie) then see me, cranked to eleven.

we love you this much.

lucas what is this pose called?

virgin shirley temples for suuuuure.

oh summer. how many times do you live?

my leg is bleeding in this one, i scraped it on something. i also practically broke my baby toe the nite before as well. so clumsy.

holding on for dear life.

i would barf if i had to eat one of these things.

wonder if they have names?

tan forever.

fruit of the loom shoe match, i planned that.

i think it’s time to head home guys.

my purse is kind of dorky eh.

stupid scar.

you can’t win ‘em all.

i love pockets. wow what an astute proclamation. CHAMPION!

starving right now.

warren can you pick up that couch painting already i spent your two hundred dollars for it two years ago jesus.

8 thoughts on “stop the music and go home

  1. Your friend Melodie is cuuuute. I love giant, oversized pockets in skirts–kind of a throwback, better than those tiny fake pockets in most women’s clothes. damn, you’re tan. siiiigh.

  2. Family Night! Looks like you guys had fun. Pretty fish – think they’re poisonous? I’m in Ireland by Wednesday morning; hope you can visit me there one day Raymi <3

  3. This was a really fun post! I have 2 no fade scars. When I wear a cute dress I am really jazzed in the mirror from head to thigh *skip* calf to toe.

    I basically look like a twelve yr old thomboy playing dressup. Yours is not as bad as mine…broke knee. Uhm, been exfoliating, vitamin e oil…idk. Got nothing.

  4. Raymi, you look beautiful with and without makeup! I love your blonde hair. You’re gorgeous and your blog is always interesting and your art is cool and your style is enviable. I hope you always remember that, no matter what those colon polyps over at that teabagger forum say about you. They’re losers through and through–they’re a bunch of rotten dickscabs.

    You are awesome and I (not creepily, but lurkily) love your work!

  5. family meeting and moron quite hot. its better when you decide not to lay off the pot. hi five for the napkin!

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