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In the bars with the men who play guitars

i am planning to get hot again i hope everyone is ok with this. just cruised my facebook photos and was wondering what the hell did i let happen here? i know we are all beYOND bored of my complaining about any and every single fucking thing just take these little updates as notes to self. i wouldn’t remember half the shit i wanted “to do” if not for this blog.

i am also giving up weed. i know. HUGE. i figure it’s a big player in the dysthymic department and i can tell a difference in my spirit and energy overall when i don’t hit the thinking cigarettes so they’ve gotta go. i’m hoping to become slightly manic again which leads to skeletor city.

how many photos do we need to see of me in my niece’s bedroom? i actually crash in my brother’s room cos the bed’s bigger and he moved in with his girlfriend so i get to boss the house around when i come to visit.

mom and i got gunned at barangas. great drinks and view.

dip platter is a bit of a rip. actually the entire menu is retardedly overpriced but you’re essentially paying for the real estate so you can’t really complain too much. ha look at me talking about complaining like i am some sort of expert on the subject.

thong tan lines.

golden top gun frames. found these in barangas’ john thank you very very much. they’re cheap so i don’t feel bad.


i know one of my favourite things is to talk about sweating a lot but wow, so profusely this backyard session brought. i’ve never seen my blythe glisten so.

and by hot again i meant this.

dad can you flip this house and get one with a pool instead?

totally freckled out. what an idiot totally forgot about the forehead burn i got in thunder bay.

today was pretty productive. i sweated off 3lbs and got skin cancer.

mall rat time then shower then dinner date with dad.

coming out here keeps me out of trouble. we played balderdash last nite and made fun of each other like mental, brother came by with his gf. i think i have surpassed the intelligence of balderdash’s obscure word choosing cos my bullshit definitions are so confusing and verbose everyone knows it’s mine cos it’s nothing but pompous arrogance forever and then i don’t choose it which makes it all the more obvious it’s a lark. have to dumb it down some more to blog-level proportions.

staring at little prince (pipe) and weed baggy like i’m in a crappy drug movie right now but i’m too buzzed off natural hyper so it’s not bothering me i’m just kinda irritable like dave chappelle in half baked when he gives up weed for a stretch for that annoying mary jane chick. i am picturing myself with a janitor’s broom snapping at people in a lab and chuckling. i also keep LOLing over a brief gchat i had with tim when i was in tbay he’s like i fucking hate you for escaping the city during this heatwave people are all omg it’s SOOO hot SOO HOTTT and i’m all YES I KNOW IT’S HOT THANK YOU. heat makes you awful irritable eh.

just wait til it’s fall for one short period then 7 months of frigid. enjoy it i guess.

9 thoughts on “In the bars with the men who play guitars

  1. P.s.

    Um, getting gunned mean’t we had one drink, just happened to be a surprisingly super strong one.

    And you are very insightful about giving up the pot.
    It does lead to dysthymia,detachment,laziness getting the munchies,and the very next day
    it starts all over again.

    Better to be clear and free of it!

    Replace it for a run or brisk walk everyday, a better choice of natural high solution:)

  2. I can almost see under there … lookin real close to the dream. yeh i gave up the greens this month, and i sleep better which is counter-intuitive.

  3. there are some serious dbags on that cbc thread. and some of em even creeped through all of your archives to get pics of you to make fun of, unless they had them bookmarked. prob did. you know just in case they need to be reminded what a real life is like, which i bet is pretty often.

  4. I honestly don’t know how you do it, blog that is. I’ve been trying for 3 years and i get so pissed off after 20 minutes trying to think of something to post I just want to kick my computer. Hats off to you lady.

  5. mail me your stupid-dumb leftover weed in exchange for my amazing-awesome new stuff! it’s win-win via canada pot: it stops bugging you by being there, and also we barter back you cool things in trade like maybe lcbo gift card, boxes of persians, i’m listening. i always have a shirt on underneath all other shirts that says “will barter for weed”.

  6. hahahaha i love you rye.

    raymbo my comments are on the wrong posts but who cares- just wanted to say those are the nicest most natural looking extensions ive ever laid eyes on. EVER AWESOME.

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