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it’s a shame baby but i always knew just the way you’re gonna do

faux hair freaks me out. faux/real, either or, just makes me laugh seeing it all prepared like this but now my hair is almost too light, i’ve reached platinum and this is ash blond. cool purchase timing there, cool job.

but it’s soooo darling. last nite i was very into admiring it eh. peh.

it’s super tight also. i cannot commit to an all day hairband headache. pass.

i WILL wear it at some point or other like every headpiece i’ve ever purchased, worn to be adorn once then to collect dust forever.

hipster vision. i was trying to fuck around with my olympus pen but i couldn’t hack it (half in the bag)(not really just tired). i was like ok i am going to figure this out without looking at the instructions. no dice. every photo came blown right out, just flash. i will get melodie on the case she keeps nagging me about it.

thinking of youuuu maybe i should buy it a cellphone so i can call it when i’m at my dad’s. that was the sound of me retiring that cellphone joke once and for fucking all.

sweat gushhhhhh. post work post wrong bar no fan in my room. death. clothing barfed all over my couch, room is getting styish again it’s too hot to be in there for very long so it’s a mad grab of clothing and get the fuck outtie. also my flower plant died. ON TOP OF THINGS!!!

if you wanted an orange red tanned hued all the time girlfriend i am right here.

horrible photo haha. jumper skinny inspiration i was a size zero when i bought it around the time of my birthday. thank you metabolism summer slow down. meredith that is your cape work-of-art behind it. are you back in toronto yet?

meanwhile over here we have all the sunglasses and misc. materials that fall out of reach, a good reach, impossibly irritating out of reach. they are still there as we speak.

today’s lunch.

then i remembered it was pre-washed. duhhhhhhhh.

melodie has this phenomenal salt she got in a bday basket from her brother.

olive oil, smoked salt and a teeny bit of cayenne. kinda off cayenne thanks to the cleanse which after this horrible diet will try up again. though there’s another one i’ve been offered a go at.

researching resorts in maui then i’m westward bound. presently working on the slowest ad/money transaction ever. fuck man. it’s hilarious (and amazing) how this can even be considered work sometimes. work like this for example: hey do you like watches??? no? well then how’s about mobile phones? hmmm. well then what about….a new webcam? awesome. well, don’t forget the speakers for it though hahaha aaaand work day is complete. i can make several hundred dollars in like ten minutes and then be like, super fucking bored the rest of the day and have all this time which is why i’m fat cos i’m like fuck yeah money free time bars restaurants worlddddddddd!

i am also being railroaded in some shitty cbc forum obsessed thread right now because jian ghomeshi had the audacity to be friends with some of my friends, egad! twerps who aren’t part of any scene whatsoever have no idea how people’s lives in the city actually are. i bet they just go to work and go home and talk to each other on the internet about other people living lives slightly out of the ordinary with a bunch of a fame sprinkled on top. does that make them feel better, seriously? i’d be really embarrassed. they’re making fun of my hair which only makes me want to hang on to it forever and they think i’m an ex-fuck of jian’s. can we not have a birthday patio hang without an ass ton of loser nobody pundits jerking off all over it?

i should try to make more of my shitty blog posts make the news though, it’s pretty funny (not to mention ego-stroking) cos by the time it hits you’re all BOO! OLD!

ok fine bye xoxo

9 thoughts on “it’s a shame baby but i always knew just the way you’re gonna do

  1. hiya, you hair is looking marvelous these days my non-friend.
    your room is in the same state as mine. things hiding behind things then you find those things like 3 months later and it feels like a surprise. love it but hate it. the mess happens out of nowhere and then its too late.

  2. You should ride a bike down the Volcano. It’s awesome. They drive you up at sunrise, then you coast down the mountain to a waiting lunch. Maui is beautiful.
    Have Fun, Raymi.

  3. I went to Maui after high school. Stayed in Kihei which really is beautiful, but we rented a car and drove up to Lahaina a couple times. If you want to be downtownish I would look into Lahaina. It is pretty touristy though.

  4. Gourmet salts? My tricorder just says that stuff is “impure”. What kinds of salts would you recommend?

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