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One last 80 proof slouching in the corner booth

last nite was ridiculous.

everyone says i’m anime here.

yesterday was one of those days that goes zero to everything. killer. wow look at my hair.

funny picture. gill and i hit amanda’s birthday thinger at the cadillac after leaving bar_one after leaving her place that we were supposed to just stay inside of and wine out to a blur dvd but we went outside so i could smoke weed then that turned into her needing to buy cigs then i’m like outside is great! so much better than inside (once it got dark) lets destroy this city. kinda a homecoming. look it’s jian ghomeshi!

polaroid-fuji vision. i look like i am really into my little pony.

before heading out realised had to fix face oh man i just remembered i have to go to gill’s and collect half of my crap cos we went out on a whim and i left a ton of stuff there. i’ll go on my way to work plus her place is nice and frigid no biggie.

dork face.

she has the best mirror. claims it isn’t a skinny mirror. BETTER NOT BE.

if i had just stayed in i wouldn’t have eaten and dranked the city. gill let me inhale two packages of kit kat and coffee crisps mini bites (one of each) no not the supermarket bag sized, seven-11 sized. i could tell with each one i popped in to my mouth gill was getting happier and happier. expect to never get that grey cardigan back eh.

we smelled a fire it was very pungent and the thick heat carried its scent. it was enchanting at first then it got gross. it was just some idiot burning stuff in his backyard.

i have stood smoking in this alley in numerous snowstorms. once on a family day, the city felt gutted and emptied and we were drinking whatever we could cos all our friends are losers who missed the liquor store. sentimental alley.

look i went meta, a polaroid in a polarioid. only one person laughed at that and everyone else pretended they knew what it meant. i felt secretly smug about that.

sometimes i really dig bad quality photos. battery was dying on my phone, the air was hazy and smokey cos the fire was right in that backyard beside me.

i hate that permanent scar on my left knee now FUCK. amanda said it was a bad looking bruise i said worse, it’s permanent. socks were unevenly-drooped all day. my personal fuck you to the world. we all fight our mini battles daily yes. oh my god i am an idiot.

steph’s shirt. loving it.

there was a point to all this?

prosecco and cassis tastes great. i am weakened by the heat and told i complain about it way too much like an old man. i am going to buy a fan tomorrow. i need to get a new laptop this thing is ridiculous. the soundcard hasn’t bothered to work in so long sitting in silence drives me nuts it’s the one enjoyable thing about “working from home” and when you can’t have music but only heat and no air circulating in your hot parkdale mansion (that’s what this house is known as, cool eh?) irritation sets in. melodie is loading me up on hippie vitamins to get rid of my blues. she got lucas a new turntable so we’re spinning records now. it was his birthday last week. happy birthday again buddy xoxoxo!

4 thoughts on “One last 80 proof slouching in the corner booth

  1. I got a permanent scar last year. “It was designed” by my new rescued cat called Pancho Villa. I have two perfect scratches on my left knee just because of him. That’s life!

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