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i always say, “hello men” to the rummies up the street but i think i’m going to stop doing that. rob got stalked by a crazy this evening, someone he interviewed waited for him wearing no shoes or shirt, stuck their foot in his door and attacked him. rob was robbed not even a month ago? he punched his lights out, the attacker not the robber. the robbing happened when we were out getting pissed, naturally. anyway i was like call the cops why are you calling me for?? he’s like oh i guess i should call the cops? what do you mean SHOULD? do it! he said he’s now worried about being a c list celebrity. i was like get this i overheard a table of girls and a guy talking about me and my blog, mad shit, right beside me and they didn’t know i was sitting beside them (HI!) and they all turned scarlet when i left and gave them a little look. it was like that scene in notting hill when julia roberts who plays a famous hollywood star overhears a table of dicks all trashing her. unreal. i got a weird buzz off it like fantasizing about catching your lover in the act with another rush, ooh what do i do? whose lights should i knock out first? i thought about chiming in something snarky. i figured they were going to see me anyway. there was a piano between our tables blocking me a little. i’d slag what they looked like but i guess reading about it all here is justice enough? i didn’t recognize any of them so all useless opinions are based on dog shit they’ve gleaned off my blog.

moving on now.

i sang all the way down shaw on my bike home tonite, fleet foxes. i have to in order to stay awake and alert. i turn on this street or that, some make me smile, others make me frown. i like the streets that are most lit up cos i can see better. i need to get a light and a reflector. my dad’s all THEY’RE ONLY FIVE BUCKS, JESUS! dad my time to go and get one is worth more than five bucks.

my hits were through the roof today. why do you think that is? beast stuff? that email from that girl? my cleanse diet bullshit comment thread? everything? what kind of posts do you like best? i considered another postsecret but that bummed me out today, not feeling it and i can’t do monthly archive round-ups cos it hasn’t been a year since i became unengaged yet so looking through those archives is a bit of a let down. half them are missing photos cos he deleted all the ones of me from his flickr and he always demanded i hyper-link to his account. they’re not deleted forever but who knows what of me i decided i wanted at the time. i don’t think i have the time or attention span to do that kind of post anymore anyway. unless i went back more than five years ago. snorrrrre.

good night sirs.

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13 thoughts on “this from that

  1. I like most of your posts. I especially like the posts when you give people advice or respond to emails. Post secret and monthly archive summaries are not so interesting.

  2. i like the posts where you go shopping and take pictures of tacky things you wish you bought.

  3. Hi! Maybe your hits are higher because you encluded “cleanse” or “lemonade diet” these words that a lot of women search on google?

  4. people like the drama of the bantering that was going on about the clense

    and people are interested in ‘who is doing who’

    its a curosity thing

    withholding information makes you a mystery

    but it also makes “the people” go away

    did I give you that purse?

  5. i always love popping into raymiville (in a figurative sense), no matter what is going down in the ‘hood.

    you’re tres adorbs.

  6. it physically pains me to hear that there are so many people being so mean to you. it really makes my heart hurt. please know you have so many adorers, people who want to see you succeed and be happy, one being myself. we’re all trying to figure life out and there’s no reason why we can’t help each other along the way instead of push each other down every chance we get. i’m relieved you’re as strong (or at least present yourself to be as strong) to laugh at all the haters. they really are jealous and are full of pain and hate and want others to feel the same way. you go on with your bad self and keep doing what you do.

  7. it’s all good material but I do really like your condensed picture posts. hope you’re having a good day in the hot toronto sun. <3

  8. your hair looks really good curly. i think it would be best, curly w/out bangs, and a bit darker.

  9. Dude, you have it made if you’re overhearing people talk about you who don’t even know you! You’re making them so jealous that they’re actually sitting around slagging a total stranger? Don’t let it make you mad, you’re the celebrity – not them! :)

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