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i ate a stingray mmmmm delicious

13 thoughts on “i ate a stingray mmmmm delicious

  1. omygd was this the date?? SO cool!!! (you dont’ have to post this and i should probably just email you but what a cool fucking idea! your or his?)

  2. no it was not a date i went on assignment to this foodie event and took him. the guy i went on a date with last nite was shorter than me and it was at the wine bar in my hood because i am a lazy asshole.

  3. I liked “Stingray Pussy” better.

    I don’t trust that shit neither.
    It’s like, “Hey Kids!…What a great idea to have this killer whale lick your face!!!”

    No thanks.
    Baiting the inevitable. I know a killer whale will get me someday…but not today. I have the right of choice.
    It’s like getting into a car with a drunk dude when your drunk.
    “Will we make it?? Let’s see….!!”

  4. I’m wondering if you’ve abandoned the pink candy-striper look for a more purplish one.

    I keep thimking pharmacology, but then again, there are no volunteers in that part of the hospital.

    But I thimk it very important for the publick that you be seen feeding the sharks.



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