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lived in bars danced on tables

wanted to look like gwyneth’s new ‘do, i’ll take uma as a runner-up.

hangin’ around waiting for melodie to send her birthday thank yous out on the internet.

so pale. not no more though, went for a nice tan yesterday.

spilled hot sauce on this on the only white strip. COOL. pre-face fixing. wonder if i’ll wash my hair today or not. maybe i should push it one more day?

quite the spectacle yesterday walking around in this dress, with this hair and these boobs and that ass and those legs and and and.

messy face hair pics used to be my thing. why did i do that so much? so hot.

right at this very moment my hair looks so tarded. gayest wig ever.

i feel as though you’ve missed me.

been eating tons of this lately. been eating tons lately. where is the off button?

jeremy said we made parkdale look good.

mr. cafe taste his very self. patio party may 21 guys!

hot tanned yoko mary kate and some guy carrying her food. wicked.

francesco and his sandwich. is it cock blocking putting photos of random dudes on my blog, cock blocking myself? is everyone assuming i’m banging everybody anyway? does it even matter? hello is this thing on?

meanwhile melodie at the mascot. love that place.

walked my ass on up ossington.

held anna hostage and made her eat with me.

oh why not.

ran out of time to do my eyebrows. (tint).

molten cheese with whatever meat that is and wraps. 7 bucks. pretty good all around.

caught in the downpour. so annoying that rain. rain is expensive man. cabs cabs cabs. bars. cabs. fuck.

off to band critique.

what’s this?

you can see my mexican stain and fat stomach. i pissed EVERYBODY off yesterday mentioning how bloated i was infinity times. yes i know drawing attention to it only highlights the problem area but i just couldn’t stop whining. one day a month guys, deal with it. sorry again though. next time i will just stay inside where it’s cheap and hidden.

hair stylist cheating already.


ben needs just as much if not more attention than i do. disaster.

it’s not going to work out guys. hahaha.

he wishes he was a velvet black panther. this guy is funny actually i’m remembering a ton of things said yesterday now anyway his band is playing friday at the silver dollar. go see them, i’ll be working. say raymi sent you.

game show pose. meredith made that beautiful necklace and gave it to me for my birthday.

not true i can always have more.

ok do i wash my hair or not. hmmmmmmmmmmbyeeeeeeeeee.

dance rehearsal in an hour rain FUCK OFF!

13 thoughts on “lived in bars danced on tables

  1. I have been reading your blog forever, and love you and think you are great. I hate to say this, but I need to go on a raymi blog cleanse… I just read day in day out about your hair and how fat you think you are! Sorry, but too self indulgent and boring, which most likely means you are in a good place in your life, which is good. But argh! Enough about the fatness, PLEASE!

  2. talking about my weight is about the only spare time i have in my life right now if that makes any sense. totally self-indulgent absolutely and defense mechanism for how unhappy i actually am.

  3. tanned yoko mary kate lol
    then – nebbish dood must be
    the Canadian Lance Armstrong

  4. yeah seriously say what you want and complain about whatever, however repetitiously, we still like ya, but you’re still not fat.

  5. The hair is money, but I have put this out there.
    Are you making Parkdale look good, or is Parkdale making YOU look good?
    Because Parkdale is a flattering look on everybody. Even me.

  6. I love your hair! So nice! I also miss your face in person. I do find weight comments to be a bit draining, as it’s something I’m always trying not to think about for myself.. but if it’s what you need to talk about, then fair enough.

  7. oh, also I dreamt that i moved in with all of you guys except the house was even bigger, with more roommates and with lots more random doors and hallways and I had two bedrooms one after the other and they were both beautiful and we partied forever. sigh.

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