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why do i fear what i can be

pickup artist.


best hangover ever.

stevie thigh.

who is it?


younger more self conscious girls giggled at my ass. woke up ready to rock out the door in last nite’s skivvies. dirtbag princess.

sweet tooth. eating tour.

loner walk. tons of cops on bikes and horses. down by the water with two non-working lighters and a nice half joint. brutal. very nice down there though my cheeks are soooo red. nose too.

i did find the sand i was looking for. it’ll do fine. this is just a path though.

lighter found, joint shared. beer too. cool people.

de-brass date. don’t even want to SAY how much this bottle cost. take a guess.

sun soak coffee ten thousand and shower. then central. bye bye bye.

oh man i make the best coffee.

bought a gold chain with bells all over it for a dollar.

18 thoughts on “why do i fear what i can be

  1. Yeh I would like to hear more of your stoner hideaways, I live for that stuff. Agh wander allyways a beach some abandoned park a lonely orphaned sidewalk, yep.

  2. because you would run away
    u really should freshen up ur skivies. its only weird when you take a shower and put on your old ones.

  3. so many pictures of my pals these days! our social circles are getting closer. haha ew why does this sound like we get our periods together???

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