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GLAM NATURAL new makeup term

i invented it.

i have a crazy sweet tooth lately why is this? i eat spoonfuls of pure blueberry honey from the jar just you know, because? shotgun nestle quik. i never liked sweets before. am i giving myself diabetes here? can i?

was cut from work and was able to hit gill’s birthday party at brooklyn bar and it was SO FUN. went to salvador after that and then some stragglers came back to ours and we had a makeup party in my room.

drinking strong hot coffee with cinnamon and honey in my room with melodie right now gonna hangover walk down to the water for a bit. i went to the front room to gauge the climate and the air was still, warm. love that. it’s like a hug.

melodie came in saw us girls in my bed and said OH YES and jumped in hahahahha.

right now we’re taking negative photos on my couch. they look crazy!

5 thoughts on “GLAM NATURAL new makeup term

  1. not to dredge up person/private/sensitive/unrelated issues but this post and the fun and giddiness that comes through it is the exact reason i’m considering leaving my mate of the past 5 years. i don’t have that. i felt like you didn’t before either. but now you do. SIGH amiright.

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