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leave the monster at home (whiner post)

shoveling oatmeal and coffee into my person at the moment. went to watusi last nite (did you know that the watusi was/is a dance?) and then reposado. looked at a big crappy art canvas in the window of some shop while sharing a joint. cabbed it home, early enough night for this cat. earlier was at mezzro’s with melodie then lucas came by. love the frowning fish we tried to draw them. i failed horribly at that. dropped and smashed an unopened bottle of red wine in the kitchen (thanks for cleaning that up lucas) i’d never done that before, have seen many others though and always played it cool. you don’t know how irritating irritating can be until you try it out for yourself. i wasn’t even wasted. not even buzzed. or stoned. just got the dropsies. i don’t consult a calendar to keep track of my cycle i just wait until i smash something then i know aunt flo’s on her way over.

i wish i didn’t put cock in the title of my last post now i’m getting all this p0rn spam with cock all over it. GET A LIFE SPAM WE’RE BUSY.

speaking of getting a life i don’t even have time to be offended or hurt or anything by negative comments anymore it’s like seriously you’re on my blog at 2 in the morning while i’m out straight pounding’er home and you’re at your little computer telling me i am an idiot? cool life. even conversations people (MY MOTHER and other idiots with ZERO LIVES from the suburbs) have beneath my photos on facebook. that’s another privilege i might have to take away because apparently when you tell people that you are 1. busy and 2. have no time for this they hear GO TO FUCKING TOWN. also you can’t rip into them as much as they deserve because 30 other people have already commented and are receiving every single message too. how dare you play me like this you lunatic children. you can’t think of anything else to do on a sunday afternoon? really? i’m out at dinner totally strung out and stressed trying not to snap and flinch at every noise in the pub then a gauntlet of stupid facebook messages floods my blackberry and by who else, oh right my mother and an old babysitter. another (not) funny thing is no one can even relate to me on this, well no one i’m hanging out with lately. they’re just full-on bemused by it, it’s foreign cos their moms are off doing normal shit and they have practically nil online presence so i come off looking like the freak here. so anyway back in a time out they go until they learn some boundaries (which will never happen). haha remember when i said i didn’t even have time to be offended by shit all the sudden i’ve loads of time. don’t care. i feel crampy, working at 4, i should get it all out now and leave the monster at home.

ps. i’m fucking 27 how is this even an issue for me when will my mother GET IT? maybe dragging out this stupid pointless laundry on to the internet will sort it out? doubt it. i’ve repeated numerous times, lets pretend that you respect me as a person and then lets pretend that this is my office, lets pretend i’m trying to be professional here and that maybe i’ve sort of been making a go at this blogging thing as a potential career for oh, say TEN YEARS NOW? maybe you shouldn’t be all over it every single day imparting opinions nobody asked for? maybe?

alright i just made myself light years angrier. good move.

the things she flips out on are the exact same things i’ve been writing about for years now i don’t see how pissing me off over and over and over again is going to make me stop smoking weed faster. or drinking. or turn into a lady. how arrogant does someone have to be to think they have any sort of impact on anybody else ever and this goes for every single commenter out there. the shitty ones specifically. do you think we’re just gonna drop everything from being blown away by your words? woah guy, i never thought of it like that before thank YOU for showing me how it is and colour me changed. you know? people do not change. we’re all severely pleased with who we are so, thanks but no thanks. meanwhile ps. look at your own shit you’re a fuck up too so no offense but you’re the last advice i’d be asking for.

greasy babed it big time. zero makeup. walked into a bar stool with those stupid glasses on.

got my loonies eaten by that thing and then lucas got a double vodka out of it then evened the score by cleaning up my smashed bottle kitchen mess and i threw him some ganj. all in a day’s non-work.

when people in the real world (or IRL you nerds sorry if you didn’t understand what in the real world meant all spelled out like that in long-form hahaha ughhhh) hear me complaining about how fat i am or ugly or whatever they think i am insane, they don’t see the flaws i see and guess why i see the flaws i see? the internet. this is a special form of mental illness for sure. you are your own in touch magazine, essentially. when your hair changes, clothes, weight, tired in the face and so on, we all sit down and discuss. so while you think you’re making your own choices you kind of have this but how will my people react to this? stupid no? extremely. jenny told me to fuck the internet once when i said i had worn an outfit i wanted to wear on our bender night and the internet saw it already. didn’t end up wearing it but still, would you even conceive of this years ago before all this garbage? ridiculous new world problems. when your phone dies how quickly do you feel like you don’t exist and nobody cares about you anymore?

after this weekend i am picking up my bootstraps and turning into an organized adult type person. enough dicking the dog. i’m finishing my book proposal goddammit. ps. (who wants to write it for/with me? i’m sort of serious you will get a cut and get to hang out with me which is pretty priceless in and of itself). how funny is it that i got a literary agent off the guy who bamboozled me in the globe and mail? how funny is it that he’s (reporter not agent) a recovering crack addict? ok that’s not funny but it’s admirable. some people never get over that shit. he‘s writing a book all about it too. dunno if that was a secret or not but i don’t care anymore. this is me with my fingers in my ears screaming i don’t care anymore.

i have no idea where my copy of the globe article went and i do not have an online subscription (as if i have time to read newspapers) so i do not have access to it. if you somehow do send it my way please.

we’re having a birthday house party for melodie on saturday (i took the night off) so if you’re cool enough, friends enough, email me and i’ll set you up with an invite.

chris is playing at the central tomorrow night you should come see him, gets pretty loud. i’ll be there (working).

drinking at the altar of reposado.

clem we need blue lighting behind the bar.

wolf shirts may be over but wolf dresses have just begun. wearing this bastard tonite melodie made it she is so crafty. (it’s kamila’s going away party too so come on out by all means). thirsty thursday here here!

17 thoughts on “leave the monster at home (whiner post)

  1. Ugh parents is all I can contribute. They’ll never “get it”. Ever.

    Your mom should smoke a J, maybe she’d relax about it.

  2. k so i went and looked up the picture cuz i’m like that and you deleted all the mom stuff. wah. i s’pose i understand.

    my mom is half the reason i stopped blogging. i respect you.

  3. WTF Firepower? That’s whack. If any mom hates their child, she has serious issues and would not be a kind person in any way. Moms should love their children no matter what, and never compete with or be envious of them. That is the saddest thing. Just accept them for who they are. A being separate & totally distinct from their parents.

  4. kris
    not everyone has the bottomless capacity to love their children unconditionally no matter what as you do.

  5. the surefire cure to getting in shit over weed from your mom is to smoke weed with your mom. maybe you can peer pressure her into it, put her on the defensive.

    not smoking weed isn’t all that good for you..what ever becomes of that? it’s like wasting your life. same logic.

  6. I can’t really relate (since both my parents are dead) but if I were in that situation, I would just block her from my facebook/website/blog/etc…

    Personally, I’ve always found it a bit weird that your mom and other family members read your blog. But not only that – they feel that just because you are putting your life on display (on a blog) they think they have a right to be publicly opinionated about it.
    Even just saying to you in private that they don’t like certain things you do/choice you make and feel the need to tell you what you should be doing is messed up to me… I mean, do you tell them what they should be doing with their life? What they are doing wrong? Who they should be? My guess is no.

    But again, I haven’t had parents since I was a teen, so maybe it’s normal.

    Hopefully that made sense, I typed it furiously because I hate when people think they have the right to control someone elses life.

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