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if you want to see some more pictures from yesterday’s work party go on the central’s FB group page I CAN’T ALWAYS BE DOING EVERYTHING AROUND HERE JESUS I GOT SHIT TO DO LIKE LIVE MY LIFE! sorry, sorry there, i’m sorry guys.

there were many hilarious points. like when teppei got his makeup and hair did and went drag. awesome. or when kamila came back and everyone was all hey! oh hey! then i pointed to an actual bin of hay (you can see it in the above photo) and said HAY. abigail diiiied laughing. so i left while i was ahead to catch the rest of the day in bellwoods.

i haven’t had many manicures in my life, fuck, i think i’ve actually only ever had one like a professional one but anyway, yesterday’s, best ever. i don’t get why they file all your nails off though. i said to just go to town do whatever. chose plum polish, apparently the hottest colour in the city right now.

i like having shorter nails, i think the manicure lasts longer that way?

can’t wait to see brosz7kowski’s shots. guess i CAN wait as you don’t get to see that shit til months later. pshh.

clem’s place is out of confuckingtrol.

as is usual, loads of photos and no time. working tonite. joke night yes finally some laughs instead of sad bastard poetry you have no idea how much of a smirk snark zen master i’ve become since working in the heart of the annex right smack dab in the middle of mirvish fucking village. sometimes i have to crouch behind the bar and pretend i am tying my laces-less shoes because i can no longer suppress my reaction to too much information spoken word. i’m way less of a dick about it but still, doesn’t mean it isn’t fruity just a little bit. one guy was all IF WRITING POETRY IS GAY THEN FINE I’M FUCKING GAY! all hostile and aggressive. over and over and over. i went cross-eyed zen over that bit. so many stories. ahhhhhh.

yesterday my outfit was so summery people in the street lost their minds. night time outfit was a gas as well. just be on your game a little bit and see how your life pans out.

6 thoughts on “Allwegotistonightthatisrighttilfirstlight

  1. thats also my new favourite quote from you but ive spent the last hour trying to figure out exactly what that means. can you enlighten us?

  2. “wow” raymi the last pic of you with the women with the white hair, geez raymi you and her look alike so much. it’s like the future you, same nose, same ship of lips. and her hair deff looks like something you would wear. if thats what your gonna look like in the future, forsure you would still look the same ;)& i mean it in a good way.

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