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Is the foolish dog, bark at the flying bird

haha i like that someone came here by googling “i am stoned”. brother, you are in the right place. watch dem girl go. walked my ass across the entire city home my feet are sore but i loved every bit of it. could it have been a more gorgeous day? of course. totally cured me of all late evening debauch guilted feelings. yesterday was so bloody expensive. dance rehearsal was great, learned the can can, then hit ronnies. then dakota. then then. bumped into trish, hadn’t seen her in ages. we go back to elementary, though she only remembers me from high school cos i was a little wiener. she ran around with my brother. speaking of i have to hoof it to b-town to see those peoples of mine. the family. my brother is totally pissed i got him expensive shoes now he feels obligated to match the gift. whatever man you’re my brother and i love you, relax. about time to wear some cool shoes now anyway.

emma (chesty larue) the amazing harlettes choreographer extraordinaire.

before i cleaned up my act last nite.

i know, hey? my nana would DIE in here.

phillip on the right has a fucking steel rod in his leg, was hobbling around with a crutch. kinda gangster. would have absolutely none of my bullshit regarding my fucked knee, which was pretty hard to dance on yesterday, sigh, but i did it anyway. he and his gf were looking over the old bloggo and he kept saying how much they dug on my thrashed tights. i want to meet this chick.

pre-emptive drooling over the f21 gift card about to hit my back pocket. maybe will hit the one in mapleview mall tomorrow before coming back to city to avoid yonge/dundas square insanity. so much more space in the burbs. ahhh. can’t wait for lady gaga cat calls. happens way too much.

front sun porch.

i look to be missing way too many body parts here.

how no sleep does this look? visined the shit out of my peepers and that caffeine under eye roller thinger.

i look like an irritating teenager and i live like one.

7 thoughts on “Is the foolish dog, bark at the flying bird

  1. sun porch picture is so gorgeous. you’re so skinny, i love it. very inspiring to my post-breakup starvation diet (it’s a good thing). and, i never noticed it before but your hair totally does look exactly like the wig i wore when i was gaga for halloween…haha. good work!

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