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feels like i’m dreamin’ but i’m not sleepin’

today is going to be epic. friday too will be epic. i’mma tell you all about it tomorrow. basically get ready for a blackout drunkening and don’t expect to make any good use of what saturday’s gorgeous weather is going to have in store. your call though, miss a great night, or miss a great day? as if more fabulous weather isn’t on its way. it’s going to be a wicked summer.

my cousin leigh is going off to bali and china and she may not return. i was talkin’ to her ex who showed with a massive gash (from the nite before or before that?) on the bridge of his nose i was all like here man have a whiskey this is brutal, there’s your girl, my cousin, ugh awkward. anyway i was like what happened? someone was talkin’ shit, essentially, my memory is foggy and he capped it off with the quote of the evening, “i like to keep it scarborough, what can i say?” and thanks to sofi i learned that jane and finch is so not scarborough. I KNOW MY SHIT! leigh says i am doin’ the family proud what with my writing and other things, it was sweet to hear.

pretending to slave drive. oh clem, as if i listen to you.

this is how i look hung. obvious? don’t answer that.

start practicing your dirty dancing to this one. just tryin’ta gear you up!

thanks spliffanie!


cool pose! that thing fits way better now, it got shrunk. a size zero and no fucking way it’d fit ever again though, i likely wouldn’t have shrunk it then eh.

should i bring my laptop and blog from the hotel throughout tonite’s pisstankening?

11 thoughts on “feels like i’m dreamin’ but i’m not sleepin’

  1. You need to do a live video feed from your party. I’d stay in with chips and dip for that…

    b.t.w. it doesn’t look like much, but this is the biggest, bestest birthday well-wishing in the entire WORLD!
    And, it’s all for U <3 Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. happy escape from the vaginal trap day! don’t waste an opportunity to run up to a random and yell “I’M THIS MANY!” while waving your hands. it’s oddly satisfying.

  3. If the Sofi in question is the Sofi I’m thinking of — which I think it is — I can verify that she does, indeed, keep it Scarborough as fuck, all day, every day.

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