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i open up release me

oh, hi.

met halfway at jack astors by bloor/yonge. my old stomping grounds. tattoo culture is by pape station so i was all uuuh where can we go, what the fuck is at bloor yonge? short term city memory for sure. this is the beached drink. nice. ryan the bartender tried to jack it up for me (hard sneaky up-sell, didn’t fall for it) and oh fuck yeah J. astors is for wieners but what can you do when you’re in a rush? the pepsi of the bar & food industry, that’d be the one.

puh-retty goddamn true.

pretend to be tourists. always.

toldja the sound academy would come through. another d-bag moment, oh ho, so humble now, what, you mean everyone’s name doesn’t get printed on drink tickets?

later on my man brought 8 more replete with raymbo personalization. good to go.

who we here for again? oh yes, spoon. opening guys were the strangeboys (fun dance tunes!) then deerhunter (who knew? not me. very british invasion them guys) then spoon. i’m liking live music again and guess who’s to thank, the central. i love dancing and i love good times. overdid it in the live music department for a good two or so years there, can’t tell one band from the next and the last but more so, just yeah, not feeling toronto crowds or i was just goin’ with the wrong people. sorry friends don’t take it to heart. if you’re rollin’ with me it’s gonna be a shit show (blast) and you had better be dancing so you best be checking your insecurity with your coat cos no one else is gonna be (dancing) til the encore rolls around.

so we did the math, based on the vip show hook up plus drank tickets plus cab fare had we not not been set up last nite would have been a dickload pricier but it was so solid, therefore, who cares? we had a time is what. both pleasantly surprised. probably had the best time out of everyone there and likely the most ignorant of all acts doin’ their thang up there on stage. i think they call that irony. i think music, bands, everything is at such a boiling point right now it’s like EVERYTHING is good therefore NOTHING is good, too much choice and selection. it really doesn’t matter who you’re seeing or where you’re going, you’re going out to have a good time, and then you have one. case closed. everyone delivers.

spotlight on those guys.

i hated my outfit last nite. i forgot to wash my shorts, well, attempt to shrink them so they were just way too bulky with my teensers waist and shirt there i had to do a lot of hands on hips posing to let everyone know how fuckin’ lanky i actually am.

these were the tights i was too insecure to wear to the harlettes audition because of one barely audible run. well, audible cos it was stand alone stand out and so decided to alter my look. it changed over the course of the evening.

unwrapped perhaps a little prematurely but i got too in my head about dancing with a blue bandage on.

the strangeboys brought it.

the real show’s over here.

here too. once my face finally goes to shit, look out p0rn.


i want to hug you. lets never fall out again, promise?

see this is why i hated my outfit, everything is the wrong size compiled.

dear penthouse…

i was essentially trashed all day. up down all around. tattoo nerves sedation, over-tired, hung, over-worked, over-played.

wow. what an unbelievably original and unique pose.

why doesn’t anyone hang out over there? can i next time?

guy who “wasn’t hitting on me” apparently is throwing a party in a couple weeks where crystal castles are playing. then he got kicked out for being too slaughtered.

slootsky slapped my tattoo. if i get infected brah…

take more photos!

zach looks like an ex boyfriend of mine who i f-ing hate so it’s kinda hard to look at him. i still gave him some drink tickets cos i am super nice (was loaded enough) like that. send me those pics guy.

back upstairs.

spoon. amazing. and deerhunter were sooo good but spoon you took it for sure. by a hair. very close tie. spoon had a radiohead thing going strong. each band was perfect to be shitty by. had a lot of fun and i rarely bother to mention these things about shows or anything period i’m too busy scowling at everyone who isn’t dancing and thinking about when we get to finally fucking leave. not no more!

holy fuck. haha that’s what i feel like when i sit at a computer ALL THIS CREATION POSSIBILITY IT’S SO ENDLESSSSS


off to the beav for erykah badu album party and a costume change.

dutty had to point out what his shirt was actually of. chick thighs ass poon.


good news there’s a zit on the end of my nose too. have yourself a rice krispie square from the beaver they have nuts and sunflower seeds in them. chase it with a cookie. dance like a de-railed locomotive.

fuck it, tomorrow i’m 27.

lets see if i make it to 28.

deck building

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  1. Sound Academy security are epic douchebags. They pretty much gave me a cavity search when I went to go see GZA a couple months ago.

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