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it’s cooling down to boiling point

the craziest rudest shit happened to me today. i’ll share the story another time though don’t want my spirits to be harshed i is be gwan’in rasta me k’yant be talkin’ nyaw popa-tranzin’ hahaha sorry there, sorry.

this room, when all the light goes through it i can actually feel the endorphins flood throughout my body and serotonin release in my brain, it is amazing, as a depressed person to actually notice it. i clomp up the stairs thinking about all the shit i have to do, open up the doors and then it all melts away ahhh.

and it stays like that for hours. purely a sunroom. every time melodie comes to hang in my opium den she sighs and says i’m so lucky and that she’s jealous. aw. the sunroom at cedar grove gave me vitamin D highs like nothing other as well, constant good feeling in this room is what i’m saying. the bed is so comfortable i think i’m getting rickets.

jesus seriously wept when i tried this on. puma wraps my tits in the most spry of ways i think asthma got cured for a second there.

off the shoulders is how this’ll be worn.

an unrelated quote from a chat i just had, spake by me of course: i go for crushingly devastatingly handsome types because i know it will end in fucking flames, knowing that it can and only will be temporary is a thrilling sadness.

tomorrow (today) i am off to the border. may hit a strip bar. casino. hotel. maybe i’ll pull out my tooth and wake up with a tiger in the bathroom.

it’s been an interesting fuckin’ year.

happy birthday asshole.


thanks jamie!

24 thoughts on “it’s cooling down to boiling point

  1. i love the new addition, especially the colours. although it’s making me want to get another one…

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy BDay Dear Lauren, Happy BDay to you!

    Have fun over the border, some great outlet malls to shop!

    mom oxox

  3. p.s. you were in a big hurray to get out 27 years ago today.
    And you spoke words at a few weeks old
    we knew you were a unique gift from the start!

    Before you turned two, your baby doctor said that you would be gifted.
    She asked you to draw a person.

    You picked up a pencil and drew a person with eyes, eyelashes, fingers with finger nails,feet with toes, it was very detailed and she looked up and said “most toddlers her age would have drawn a scribble.”

    The rest is history!

  4. Happy Birthday Dood-Man.
    I think Corey might have that same Floirda shirt.
    Worn on the shoulder. teeehee.

  5. Happy Birthday Raymi!
    You are beautiful and inspire people to dress better and enjoy life a bit more!
    Thanks for all the great blogging!

  6. hey happy birthday
    and where are those pancakes from?? my fatass needs to eat them asap, they look amazinG!

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