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i’m a Harlette!

wheeeeeee yeah! baby did it! i’m officially a burlesque dancer now with the Harlettes. P-U-M-P-E-D! it’s not gonna be easy though and these chicks are serious and committed. my feet are destroyed and my torso is totally sore but nicely stretched, need to get more limber not just uselessly thin. rehearsed for four hours today then i went to work at four til 1am gaaaaaaad. i have so much to gush about but right now i gotta crash cos i have a tattoo appointment tomorrow and i’ve been going going going all day all weekend all week. i am already overwhelmed by this upcoming week and it hasn’t even begun yet. madness, absolutely but shit you gotta be doin’ your tings eh? i need help coming up with a burlesque name, it can’t be french. needs to be sassy clever play on words cutesy. raymi the minx is oooooooold. when i was an “online model” my stage name was nikola (eurotrash is hot for northern america and over there, our boring nothing names like lauren or sarah are tooootally trampy to them. funny huh?) but yeah, hmm. sexy, coy, flirty, whatever. put your suggestion in the comments just to get the ball rolling if you’re game i’d really appreciate it.

i am so happy to be dancing again it has been my dream for far too long now to get back in action there also, i would like to thank my parents for putting me in jazz classes to begin with. thanks guys!

i have to go to malabar and buy some spanish dancing shoes with heels and i’ll be needing to make my own costumes too. craft explosion!

i’d be lying if i said life wasn’t good right now. i don’t care how tired, knackered, overdoing everything i am. i am happy. probably insane, but whatever, things are interesting again. did i mention that i was happy? (don’t worry i’ll be sad some time soon just for you).

love camping it up. alyssa and i are bad girls in this one number we’re working on. kinda like the pink ladies but cooler. i have to learn everyone’s names again and their stage names.

and to think i was worried over the teeniest run in my brand new black tights that i didn’t end up wearing cos i was so anal/nervous. these runs rips and tears look so good. in jazz class they never let us have rips in our wienery soft pink tights. laaaame and once you made it to grade 3 (takes two years to complete a grade) you were allowed to wear black. dance is kinda like karate in that way, you have to earn colours for status. hah.

rehearsals are every sunday at noon in the dopest space ever.

looking around at these awesome women today i thought to myself wow, i’m so inspired right now and these people are going to have an impact on me in a good way i know it. cheesy sorry but that’s how i felt. burlesque is a lifestyle i was told. damn straight sign me up. done.

53 thoughts on “i’m a Harlette!

  1. please don’t make me explain why, just off the top of my head: clementine, delilah, sadie, odessa, bianca, venus, bessie, pandora, sapphire, and natch, scarlett.

  2. Yay of course you could do it, so happy for you! As for a name, all I could think of was Lola Belle but that’s just for starts heh.

  3. little note about the names. For example, mine is Darling Dear, heather (who you didn’t meet) is Geez Lousie O’Gosh, etc…super campy!! So glad to have you on board! lift those weights so you can lift my fat ass! hahaha

  4. What about playing with the name Eliza Doolittle? The character in the play Pygmalion is flirty so it would definitely fit.

  5. Dixie or (Mitzy) or (Dee-La) Do-Da-Day

    I think I like Dee-La Doo-Da-Day :)

    I don’t know why…that name generator is bunk, btw…

  6. I would ask some roller derby types if you know any… I swear some of the shit those girls come up with is fucking hilarious.

    I guess that’s not exactly what you’re going for, but I don’t know… I kinda see some overlap as far as sense of humor goes…

    Everything I come up with is perverse so I’ll spare you! I think I used to find certain names sexy, but as I’ve gotten older any ol’ name’ll do unless its something that reeks too much of canned tuna

  7. get a tribal – they’re so out, they’re kinda like back in. you have that trendsetter influence

  8. aw, well done Raymi! I’m happy for you.

    Okay, I was thinking about the whole euro vibe thing. How about Slutski for a name? Did Someone already say that? Um… that’s it. I can’t come up with another single name… Ann? Mary? Sexdroid? xo

  9. i cant believe someone up there actually said “amazeballs” umm read perez hilton a bit much are we? he’s been trying to make that word “happen” for a while now.

  10. New name: Sasha.
    Its sexy, sassy, bold. S-A-S-H-A. Next up, a bond movie with raymes in it … as Sasha.

  11. Sweet, congratulations!

    I have the perfect name: Heidi Ho.

    It’s campy, and it brings to mind a hot swiss blonde with braids.
    Which you can totally do haha.

  12. wow. you really have life by the balls. i am so inspired by you today, you are going to change my life.

  13. HA! CongARTs to you, my mew. (and I know our Sasha will be proud when I tell her of your great fortune!).

    I nominate the handle of “Penny Nickles”.

    You are most welcome :))


  14. so.fucking.awesome. can not WAIT to see a clip. Congratulations, there was like NOT A DOUBT when i read you were trying out. good job. and WOOT on the craft explosion!

  15. I always enjoyed watching you dance from your childhood right into your teens. Not just because you filled the room with joy , but because it truly made you happy.
    Mom oxoxo

    Name: Buttercup?

  16. Congratulations! You are perfect for the part. I watched the videos on their site and you will do fantastic!

    Ok, ok I KNOW this on is too dirty but I HAVE to say it:
    Pussy Slick. It’s from a Florence King book I just finished reading.

    Duchess Minx is my serious suggestion.

  17. this is so seriously frickingly awesomely amazing and i know im way behind on your blog/life right now but fuck! im so HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. We had a dog named “Sasha”…she was blonde and had bangs but that’s it
    Mocha Come by Chance?
    I think “Heidi Ho” is great!
    So happy for you!

  19. i like Leah Tard or Lita Hosen. Down with the braided dutch girl concept.
    try to avoid names that are already used by other local burlesquers – Mitzy, Honey, Sasha, etc.
    See you sunday & once again glad to have you on board.
    Examples of past harlette names
    – maria juana
    – bunny cottondale
    – Lucky Iberritol
    – Chow & Lo Mein
    – Minnie Size
    – Tiger Lily

  20. And from that burlesque name generator, the suggestions are:

    Babette du Bois
    Pussy Sitwell
    Yvette au Lait
    Babette Royale
    Candy Plenty
    Fanny Handfull
    Madam Chairwoman Ambrosia Bandersnatch (yep thats one name)
    Jolie ala Mode
    Chantal Petite
    Dusty Cox
    Fanny O’Toole
    Vivienne Petite
    Parsippany Pansy


  21. Babette Epaulette
    Babette Bandit
    Babette Brunch
    Babette Bouquet
    Babette Petite
    Babette Blondie
    Babette Britches
    Babette à la Fave (throwing that in, even though you said no french names)
    Babette Bardot
    Babette Coo Coo
    Babette Feast
    Babette La Lash
    Babette Barbarella
    Babette Myfanwy

    I’ll think some more

  22. Babette Onmi (babe bet on me)
    Babette Bazoombas
    Babette YurLate
    Babette Banx / Banks
    Babette Harlette
    Babette La Pet

    Still thinking…

    I know this girl who is a wannabe burlesque performer, her name is Dynamite Boom Boom, she is hella chunky so the name suites her.

  23. Heres a heap of ideas (mostly stupid ones that made me giggle)… maybe you’ll find something you like

    Ima Trollop
    Brazen Tartlette
    Sally Slapper
    Merry Moll
    Caramelle Tartlette
    Honey Smacks
    Vajewjew Binx
    Dyke Thespian
    Her Vadgesty
    Alotta Vagena / Fagina (or whatever that chic from austin powers was called)
    Lucy Lastic (pronounced ‘loose elastic’)
    Wham Bam Thank u mam/man
    Ivory Merchant
    Itsy Bitsy Titsies
    Scarlette the Harlette
    Middler the Fiddler
    Paps Mear
    Bee Tch
    Abhor Shion
    Pauline Pantsdown
    Queen LaQueefa
    Lindsanity LOLhan
    Bearded Clam
    Minge Binge
    Ginger Ninja (youd prob have to dye your hair red though)
    At the very least, hopefully they made you laugh

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