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Are you a Player or a Pawn

and now it’s gone, my ganglion friend. i will not miss you. sniff.

look at the little man-eater and proud mother looking up at her. aw. britt’s depression over 25 totally floors me. she once said i was inspiring or something cos i’m fine with my age and i don’t act it, what? how was that a compliment again? it sort of was. either way, i enjoy GEN-Y’s lamenting their 20’s leaving them as, ahem, i typically have shadowed some person’s in the older than me category since i was a smug teenager and not a one will let you feel sorry for yourself for ten fucking seconds. like, just because you are cruisin’ mid to late thirties (or, and then some) doesn’t mean i’m not allowed to feel shitty for a little while here. you’re you and i’m me. so, cry away britt, the older you get the better you are, the more shit becomes clear and you have ample time ahead to fuck it all up two times over and still come out alright on the other side. basically, the sadder you are, the more i am smiling, not that i am enjoying your emo but, well, i understand and it simply just amuses me to be so angry about something like “aging” jesus, holy lead-in.

bohmer is a great spot, a couple private back rooms for your gang if you want it. that’s darrin pfeiffer (remember goldfinger? their drummer. ROCK ROYALTY!) hoggin’ up the view of that lit-up tapestry you’ll see more of his mug to come as well as photos of many others you don’t know or give a shit about.

so hot right now.

i swear to GOD any one of the men in my life if you go to bohmer without me (because of me) you are dead to me. D-E-A-D. don’t think i won’t find out about it either. fatal attraction much ha.

oh, but of course.

barry‘s shot was much more crisp but whatevs already posted it.

classic photographer oh no no please oh no no not me pose. GAY! GET OVER IT!

the menu looks like a letter from the principal or someone. bohmer’s signature is at the top right corner. it would be cool if i was being paid for this post hey?

darrin mocking my shit.

and i’m pretty certain you all remember this skinny guy.

brosz7 i would like to discuss your thoughts on lost this week please thank you. also i can’t believe there isn’t ONE picture of me on your website. thumbs down, waaay down.

oh brad such a spaz. is it the newf blood? ps. come by the central to meet aaron our resident newftender.

apparently britt’s mum reads my blog. i was all worried about putting the F word on britt’s envelope, i x’d it out as you’ll see in a minute, then she pulls that little piece of info out on me so we’re all good here FUCK FUCK FUCCCCCCCK HI!

i spy with my little eye something that is WENDI! and cam carpenter!

oh i forgot to show you guys what my bathroom looks like.

sigh. design.

no words.

got the gin fizz something or other (cheapest drink, 6.50 i believe).

uggg it’s MY birthday on wednesday. party is on friday april 2nd at, where else, THE CENTRAL. you are all invited. i’m having a big ass blythe cake made! should i make an fb event for this? it’s going to be a massive dance party, well, i know I’LL be dancing my ass off. also, amy tang’s birthday is the same nite at the same place. woooh.

darrin’s special lady friend melanie is so poshin’ it replete with brit accent.

look at me pounding that sucker back. awkward times man plus totally frazzled from whatever the crap i did the nite prior (oh right the blogstars event which had several after parties) on top of being sick on top of bickering with my ex across the table from me hahah. last week was a harsh mistress.


ooh matt

when i read on the road this is exactly what i pictured. i was like oh yes, sign me up for some-a that.

i don’t care for your music opinions buy some fuckin records and shut up already

(love you)

i’m the funny one, you’re the bratty one. DEAL WITH IT.

it was for $40 for you nosy ones. sorta cheap but i figure more appreciated than the magic pony crap i typically unload on everybody. it’s so true people always get you stuff they want for themselves. LOOK i got you an ounce of pot!

didn’t even recognize this bro at first because he wasn’t wearing jogging pants.

this amused me for awhile. BEST WHILE EVER!

here come the party tricks.

what’s darrin doing over there….?

ohh shit hold up darrin. ok here’s a partial truth admission cos i’m pretty honest and forthright, right? when britt and brad got together it kinda got the gearworks goin’ in my head a little bit seeing how affectionate they were (still are!) i was like BINGO that’s what i am missing. not knocking myself or my other past half i think our chemistry was pretty solid and all but publicly you wouldn’t know we were a pair and often got mistaken for siblings (when i was brunette) but yeah as much as everyone gives britt and brad a hard deal over kissing and cuddling (and smothering one another’s lights out) i think it’s wonderful and beautiful. this is how it’s supposed to be. be selfish in your love lifes. do not hide them. be romantic. that’s the shit that keeps relationships alive. so in a small way you guys broke us up. way to go.

every time he’d stack it 4 glasses higher i’d take it down before i could capture it.

and then haitham is all, i got this.

if you can get this 5 out from between these bottles you get to keep it.

sets it up.

this is where your money’s been people.

yes yes good work balancing. as a side note, remember i made a rant about devil horns in photos? since then i’ve had to stick to it and have been for many years, any photos whereby someone is “rocking” the devil horns it goes right in the trash (well lives on my hard drive) because i’m sorry, just, no. however there are little allowances and they are, IRONIC devil horns as well as, i dunno, say you wrestled a bear with your bare hands for your life and you choked it into submission i am preeeetty certain in the photograph your bud takes of you astride that beast it would be permissable to rock a devil horn or two. get me? so darrin, this one gets a pass. BARELY, but still, a pass is a pass.

he sort of got it out, the top bottle still wobbled he had to catch it.

the roast chicken or ferme something whatever. 24 bones. worth it. instead of getting two apps which would essentially total a main, just get the main (but only if you are a cheapskate artist like me and dining on your own dime).

so bourgeois. you only live once.

hair was a little wildly stupid sort of. made more sense in real life and once i started cuttin’ a rug at alicia‘s later on.

broken wrist.

here let me show you.

comparing normal and not normal

yup, definitely not a straight-looking wrist there.

holy crap you are red, cam. or maybe i was just soaking up all the flash because i am a princess dirtbag and i absorb anything bright or shiny. lights were made for me oh and get ready for the guide to dirtbag princessness in my upcoming FORA mag beauty column.

ok well now i’m just showing off. someone sprayed red wine all over the back of that gypsy shirt later that night. AWESOME! i think it was that drunk chick alicia had to kick out of her house hahah.

the bump on the left is the ganglion cyst. two can play at this gross game cam oh my god why why all i say lately is TWO CAN PLAY AT THIS GAME? and last nite i said something really nerdy too i said don’t be a stranger just be strange. BAHAHAHah ughhhhhh give me a break it was at 3 in the friggin’ morning (closing up work).

but now the ganglion is gone. i dunno if it’s from barry’s tantric massage or from slamming it at some point while dancing with jenny.

haha the point. yes that’s where my hand is.

cured! not so. but it felt better.

this post is sucking the life out of me there goes my afternoon. resting up for round two work haul and THEN i have my harlettes audition tomorrow before noon and then have to work another night shift. i’m nervous and excited. kamila coincidentally hooked me up with a black leotard and this cute little black/pink lace flippy cheerleader slut skirt i am so going to wear for it (audition). should i wear a bra?

the outside of bohmer, so gauche i love it not even a sign letting you know its name. it’s like, fuck you here we are, got that?

reminds me of this great japanese joint in williamsburg i went to with jamie a hundred years ago. ossington is so becoming a hybrid of the LES and williamsburg and i’m on board. no more making fun of ossington hipsters and yuppies, i’m a west end girl now. suck it.

make sure you get your photo taken out front. everyone needs some soft lighting up on ‘em.

and you can lock your bike out front for three days and it won’t get jacked.

happy saturday little geese!

8 thoughts on “Are you a Player or a Pawn

  1. HAHAHAHA shut up. i have black friends here, there, everywhere. if you weren’t an nyc turd you’d be my friend too once you stopped trying to mack me.

  2. I like what you said about couples, sometimes I get queasy seeing people making out and touching each other in public (ewww ahahah) but love is obvious to see, you can tell when people are just faking it. my good friends who are married are always always holding hands, kissing, hugging, it’s so cute even though it makes me said when i’m all alone when brian is gone

    long comment, great pics in this post you are a beautiful gazelle.

  3. I have one of those cysts too… it pops.. but then it ALWAYS comes back… it popped last time because I slammed a door too hard. But now I think it’s come back underneath the tendons and such, I can’t reach it and it’s painful at times…

  4. All the photos I have of you are drunken and gay. I need to do a shoot with you and then I’ll put stuff up. Lost last week seemed awesome when I first saw it but kinda sucked the more I thought about it.

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