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oh you creep up like the cloud

oh hey there hi there ho there.

excuuuuuuse me i think i ordered extra toppings.

i love the jesus is in you sign across from wrongbar. so intentional. save the young heathens. you can’t see shit in this pic though. when you go out for a dart just look up and over, you’ll see it.

interesting bonds be made out on the smoke stoop.

i know retarded shit was said i just don’t know what it was, not even at the time. but it was funny. strange so doesn’t even phase me anymore. tune it right out.

feeling this mr. rogers look.

don’t think i won’t do it. oh and as an aside everyone at wrongbar thank you for making me look super good in front of my date last nite. nav, linds, ewan, steve, every single one said look it’s raymi the miiiinx one after the other so good ha. never such a reception, the timing was on too i felt like a d-bag but whatever. then i pretended to be humble about it. then the zipper on my hello kitty clutch exploded off. then Dustman dutty d lost my hat. losing something means successful evening i gather. you think shit’s gonna go tame and then it never ever does.

talking about weird try playing an mj video game where he dies over and over like double dragon and comes back to life but when he dies he’s flat on his face with his hat falled off. what’s next an anna nicole smith pinball game? ha i wish.

ohhhh shit.

i can share the stage though, here’s your moment moonwalker.

yeah i’m so hard.

whomever spun last nite, it was goood. i have to admit this, i kinda like dirty grime dub. still. nostalgic for shit you barely liked the first time around but it’s better now, they’ve taken out the too many donks aspect to it. google ‘put a donk on it’ if you’re going huh??? right now. though, i will dance to anything (almost) and i like showin’ off my slick moves when the music is juust right. people are giving me grief over how too skinny i apparently am now. look, i’m not starving, i eat and i eat well. i’m just in shape on top of close to nil body fat from all the dancing i do and being single (singlish) keeps you on your game. i am not actively trying to lose or doing anything purposely to be looking the way i look right now in the body so, sorry. i’m ripped, for once. i was purposely jutting out my shoulder like that to increase the clavicle quotient cos i am fun like that.

dust kept rap attacking this guy who got all white about it but appreciated the ten thousand freestyle hostages, he’d put his hand to his mouth all mr. wilson and be like, that is good or whatever. pretty funny but hellooo look at that guy’s makeup in the sideground there, what’s up apocalypto.

ok byeeeeeeeeeee.

7 thoughts on “oh you creep up like the cloud

  1. Wow i played that game in ’95 while killing time in a small dirt town in Morocco … it was keefy.

  2. Oh fuck everybody. “too skinny, not skinny enough”, there’s no fucking middle ground and the people pointing out pure bullshit are doing it because they’ve got like 6 rolls and need to criticize other people who aren’t “healthy”. Get over it people, she’s hot.

    Anyway.. your hair is kicking ass haha.

  3. Yeah I agree, it’s been.. literally forever since we’ve never hung haha. Different Laura methinks.

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