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magic pony is what my brain looks like

on the inside.

the subtle disappointment on my face is somewhat evident. to me at least. i was trying to contain it because i have this thing called manners. my voice is nasally too cos i was trying to un-courtney love it. i’m still a bit phlegmy from being sick and doing absolutely nothing to remedy it aside from cold pill avalanche and now i have kennel cough hahaha.

raymbo vs magic pony from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

i’m sure adil‘s footage will be much better and less faaaaarty. (come on new camera new camera new camera, wink).

you go in there and look at this shit and say to yourself, yeah, i totally need that. i don’t know why, but i do. i just do.

someone asked me about how i got my frye boots. you can get them from get outside. i got mine free from a special awesome bud under hilarious circumstances. they ain’t cheap though.

also, my hair, how is it shiny? um, i didn’t know it was. i kinda baby the hell out of it and kind of leave it alone for a while. i don’t use any serum post wash/dry. it’s just healthy and resilient despite totally artificial looking. not sure if i’ll go more platinum or not. i think i’m good with where it’s at now.


totally off topic….but your site is fun to read at work…its been keeping me sane the last couple of days…anyway, just had to comment that you seem so much happier since you moved from the burbs. You glow now…your hair is prettier, your skin is glowing and your spirit just seems more at peace…sorry, if im totally off, as i don’t know you…just my observation.

i think your awesome, you seem care free and live a life I wish i could. Im totally living vicariously through you this week! :)

aw dude exactly. what a gold comment. i don’t care what the shit (other) people are saying, i love my life right now. i do what i want, when i want, how i want, with who i want, for how long i want. actually, here’s a comment i just left elsewhere.

i will die a crazy spinster before giving in to the rest of society’s standards. i was this close to blowing it then i broke free. i have never been happier. who has time to worry about the future. rippin’ it now is awesome. AWESOME.

15 thoughts on “magic pony is what my brain looks like

  1. You just made my day, I know can order those boots…expensive yes but I have been drooling over them for a year now. Thankkkk you!

  2. i was in there the other day and influenced two women to buy the pair they tried on, exact same as mine. there’s a guy version of it too which is easier to find in other stores.

  3. I think I was more disappointed that I didn’t pull out the one you wanted to begin with. Thanks for the manners.

    Also, I concur. Magic Pony is exceptionally rad.

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