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mitzi’s sister vs. raymbo

i am drinking a modest half pint here.

here’s the video at mitzi’s sister from yesterday adil of shot of me gabbin’ away about how much i like the place. if you go to the site and type in a place across the city it just may come up video form with a review of the place delivered by some other toronto notable. after this we went to magic pony and then the central. videos of those to come later. hit this link to see a map of the city with the pop up video to mitzi’s. it’s cute super cool and unique, the site concept i mean.

then i changed because i wasn’t feeling my jacket and it was a little hot.

kristin is aaaadorable and so modest and shy and funny. we haz a history yo.

took a little to-go’er from m pony. bilby the tear drip. drop?

blah blah blah great hash.

red flag’s bro.

abi came by. then gill. impromptu hang out of nowhere, pretty fun and caj.

mean gene chez ace of spades, diamond smuggler on the side.

i too am getting another tattoo, soon. not sure what of yet though. apparently if i get RAYMI that would be “gay”. i’m also thinking of a flower off nirvana’s unplugged live in new york sleeve and then of course some sort of border for blythe. ok thanks byeeeee.

update: Torontoist‘s take on our soshe media circle jerk which i have more to say about (good things)(of value!) at some point when i have two seconds to myself oh my gawsh jeez!

9 thoughts on “mitzi’s sister vs. raymbo

  1. if my opinion matters (and I’m sure it doesn’t), I like the blythe tattoo as is. more stuff added to it might detract from its simplistic radness. and it really is simplistically rad right now.

  2. totally off topic….but your site is fun to read at work…its been keeping me sane the last couple of days…anyway, just had to comment that you seem so much happier since you moved from the burbs. You glow now…your hair is prettier, your skin is glowing and your spirit just seems more at peace…sorry, if im totally off, as i don’t know you…just my observation.

    i think your awesome, you seem care free and live a life I wish i could. Im totally living vicariously through you this week! :)

  3. You could put on some weight now. Man, don’t go on losing weight because it has started being weird. Don’t get me wrong, you are beautiful as always but a little to thinny, don’t even know if that word exists. I simply admire you, Raymi. FOR REAL. We are so gonna meet in July. omg. hahuahau

  4. Completely off topic, but I have been trying to get my hands on a pair of Fryes since I fell in love with yours last year and I CANNOT find anywhere that will ship them to Canada, how did you go about getting yours?

  5. Didn’t know you’d moved into Parkdale – lived there for over 20 years until last June. Great times – shame you weren’t there for its heyday as “hookerville” back in the late ’80s; very real. Had to move on, however, as house prices were way beyond us. Which would make you an agent of gentrification, right? F**king yuppies. Grrr.

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