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they say i’m nasty but i don’t give a damn

my stupid necklace that is impossible to detangle.

awesome. now i know why i’m so demented right now. this week has been insane. off the chain, or the chizzle, if you will.

the cosmo hotel is darling. very hotel on rivingtonesque.

i show up and the girl is in her knickers. not these ones obvs but like wow bam, nice to see you too! i see you’ve brought some game to my city.

waking up with hot pink nails brings everything back. it’s safe to say last nite was a little bit of a shit show. i slammed my hand so hard my ganglion cyst is deflating hahaha awesome. but also my hand feels totally busted. we danced the floor into pieces and even fell down a time or two. i don’t even want to think about how much i blew on cabs. we went to the suck academy for some dj. i told all security that “our friends” are going to be “so steamed” when they find out today we got zero vip treatment. fuck i hate that place. (ps it worked)

dear adorable, i’m glad i picked you out of the catalogue for christmas. good choice. holy fuck why am i even typing this right now. so going back to bed in two seconds.

who am i talking to what am i doing, whoever they are they’re lucky.

relaaaax i’m not that skinny, post-menses thin. ok and thin.

stupid hot. i can’t even look at you. i just had a dancefloor vision. wait til you see all the stupid videos i took oh god i wish no one read my blog right now so i could just be an idiot for one day and not have to worry about it. do you like my shoe in the bg? i kicked it off the second i exploded thru the door.

i’m using a mac right now. i have run out of mac patience so more pics later, they all disappeared from the whatever directory i was pulling them from. here’s some pics from britt’s bday friday nite i just remembered i put some on my flickr. i can’t wait for march to be over jesus shit.

went to bohmer that new pretentious gorgeous place on ossington. holy shit amazing scene. swank. pricey. take someone there if you need to impress them. leave your 400 dollar designer spectacles at home though cos every chubby dude in there will be rocking a pair and you will feel like the poseur you are.

hadn’t seen some of these babes in a long time. i feel like a ghost. i’ve been a ghost. look at my stupid hair hogging all the attention. i was going for punk rock i guess.

cam has a broken wrist. hey maybe you should like, be at the hospital instead of this restaurant you idiot.

so i was showing off my cyst which i’m pretty sure exists because of the internet. funny how you mention something then the next day it disappears? kismet they call it. whatever hippies. keep your spells to yourselves.

birthday girl. the best thing about getting older is everybody does it. so you’re momentarily depressed then you’re like, oh burn! such a cute dress.

i really hope my bike hasn’t been stolen.

why is this one so tiny? zzzz. bye.

10 thoughts on “they say i’m nasty but i don’t give a damn

  1. there is no way my hair is blonder than yours… strange lighting perhaps? haha. Thnks for the awesome b day gift!

  2. for some reason i loved this particular post, you were very funny, also still trying to get used to the major blond (love it more than the black) ive just been so used to all these years seeing you in black, when i look at u now i go “oh yeah raymi is blond now…riiiiight…)

  3. Please stop posting YOUR OWN comments about how skinny you are! I mean once in a while- fine – but lately It’s just too much! Seriously!

  4. you’re pretty gracious about it so who cares if you expected your bangs to grab all the attention.

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