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i have a raging loner for YOU

one glass of charming with two heaping scoops of adorable COMING RIGHT UP!

i can’t BRELIEVE IT! breanna hi! i have a penchant for sailors. thank you for obliging.

our burgs are so good. almost as good as webers, which is HUGE.

my parents (roommates) showed up friday nite for the shit show what was droppin’ knowledge. so many youngers were floating around by the end of the eve i decided to start carding some of them (they got carded at the door anyway, just felt like being a little shitty, just a little). the power surge you get from that makes you feel ten billion years old and ubes cunty but oh well. the fear in the eyes is so worth it.

costume change, getting sweaty up there.



french club fan. every friday nite if you’re a francophile you need to drop in and talk in your own tongue. duder in the middle is a big fan of mine. sans blog. i busted him on it too not like it’s not obvious. should i hit it? (kidding!)(MAYBE!???) lack of sleep is making me squirly and i’m trying to hammer this out asap to make it not too late to the game.

why do i dress so coyote ugly meets rock of love? T.I.P.S.

this chick: SO AWESOME. so snarky. call me agny-something (ridic eastern euro name). i think i’m winning the phone numbers contest. i think we should include doling yours out too. if it was biz cards contest i’ve already knocked that one out of the fucking park.

this regular, chris, agny was givin’ it to him hard. he’s another barfly fan. though he never drinks. i made him tip. you gotta pat to stay hombre. pretend it’s a titty bar.

closing time feast.

why am i making a getting blown face? mel’s makeup was so ON.

where did you hang my necklace?

me and tiny. haw haw irony so clever, clem threw that one out, not i. i’d much prefer to call him micro or molecule. guy can put away beer. we require his services for scary hip hop nite. some regulars were like this is the first time i have ever had to wait in line to get in to the central. such a party. we upped the price of pbr cos these young skeeves don’t tip. it was great informing them of why the price hike was in-effect and THEN you’d think you’d get a tip out of their shame. nope.

takes us awhile to unwind from the adrenaline work slaughter.

ma, pa, think i’ve found the one.

i think i identify most with the praying mantis. not the fucks then kills aspect per se, more so the lanky limbs and all that, and i think my face looks like a praying mantis’s? ok maybe the kill what i fuck/fuck what i kill aspect too afterall. in theory.

i love that everyone dances and cuts loose. best working environment.

teppei was like can you ask jeremy to pick me up for me and take a picture i am too shy to ask him. oh of course guy! i need to write a guide to demanding photos with people.

don’t know the story behind the flowers but i think we need to have some around more often. i plan to go to ed’s and get as many stupid magnets and things to decorate the kitchen door of. if you have any sweet ecclectic shit send it on by thanks.

lucas was on a tear.

kamila and i wore matching AA dresses last nite. we’re going on a girl shopping date tomorrow to buy more matching duds. pumped!

lucas’ record label is having a huge jam this coming friday you need to go. melodie is bartending. i’ll try to cut out early to make it i haven’t been out on a friday/saturday since i started working. not complaining, just saying. FRIDAY MARCH 5 – 8 WATERLOO TERRACE king street area some kind of loft? going to be catered and all, v swank. v hip. hop. HA hip hop joke ugh die.

i’m beginning to suspect that maybe clem has a napoleon complex. or he wishes he was coyote ugly. can’t believe there are two coyote ugly references in one post.

wish my flash could properly show the actual colour of my hair. i thought my camera bit the dust last nite, i dropped it while it was open/on when michelle came in with a bus bin full of snow and a full on indoor snowball fight broke out so fucking hilarious. clem fixed my lense so we’re all good though i was secretly hoping it wouldn’t be salvageable i am so over that thing.

time for some guns and roses? no problem.

somewhere in oshawa hearts are breaking right about now.

i feel suffocated looking at this one.

r’ok time to get out of the house. today’s menu: get a new hair trimmer before a race war breaks out in my pants. get my shit together to go get a tan. get to the central for the game CANADA CANADA CANADUGHHHHHHHHHHH!

note to self upcoming topics to forget to write about:

-how irritating it is to be pestered by social media brats about how uninterested i am in social media meanwhile no one fucking invites me to these alleged dying all over themselves amaaazing parties.

-how to be a girl’s girl, guide to.

-post secret rippage.

8 thoughts on “i have a raging loner for YOU

  1. I have been following your blog a long time (when Tony first posted How to Blog — 2004?) and I think it is great that you are working and partying and being a normal 20-something year old girl. How fun. I’ll treasure the memories from my jobs at your age forever! Your friend, Laura

  2. I definitely talked en francais to that guy a lot throughout the night.
    Can you tell me what happened in the 3rd period because I dont remember.

  3. Your room mate looks like someone I know… is his name Mike?

    Bring on the post secret rippage. I always think of you when I read post secret.


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