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and puppy dog lies won’t sweeten the truth

cannot wait for longboarding season. that’s one of my favourite things to say i can’t wait for and then i go like once or twice and then it starts snowing again. really it just means i can’t wait for warm weather to not take advantage of.

people think i don’t eat. not true. what’s more, i eat suburban styles (unhealthy).

meet my agent. not so secret anymore, despite blogging him when we first met. we have a plan now i just have to enact it. god it’s so hard being lazy and thinking you have all the time in the world.

pepto pills and notes. goin’ places, for real. hungover out of my mind. i could have gone skiing today with the work gang. regret saying no a little bit now but at 9am this morning, no fucking way guy. the last time i skiied was in grade nine and i am far more neurotic and clumsy since then. i’d rather not break my ankles today.

THE ABSOLUTE WORST SERVICE AND FOOD EVER brought to us by cornerstone. such a letdown. passing by that place it’s like nothing but cute guys, very promising, so i made a mental note to check it out someday and that i did. dude to chick ratio is pretty solid, other than that don’t go there hungry. that steak “pie” was really just a pile of slop with an oval-shaped bread hat, there was no pie to be found. period. and my curry looked like hey i didn’t know i was in a thai restaurant. tasted fine but minus zero points on presentation. red flag said i don’t know how they did it but they managed to make the fries completely flavourless.

stuff you can expect to see me in soon compliments of a super blog fan.







this (anchor pendant)




went for a tan at jasper studios and now i feel so good. never going back to my old joint, jasper is way cheaper.

type in my url it’s what my blog sounds like. TOTAL SHIT HAHAHAHAHHA. thanks lucas.

i’ve been receiving quite a few psychotic emails lately. here check this bullshit:


My name is Daniel and
I am a fashion creator and i work for amarican apparel switzerland.
we opened 2 stores last year! I really dont know how is that whit these spandex dicco pants by you over there, but here in switzerland these pants are not famous! Thats the reason because i need you!
It would be not a problem, to fînd a model here but for only these one, two, pics we need, we really dont want to waist our time. we are salers no photographers :) So i have the exercise to find some girls, which want show us some pisc. We must search on the web, because here is nobody waer these pants. We want to improve the situation on the market, and thats difficult whit only 2 stores! Our sector is especially the DISCO PANTS! We want to bring these trend back in live!

And now that, what interest you:

why you? we have 2 things what we want to do whit your pics if we like them:

1. we manufactured posters of you and show these as advertisements.( one for example infront of each store).

2. we bring you into our fashionmagazine 2010 for our clients.

and another important: if we will choose you, you get a prize of 250 swiss francs!

At the moment we have 6 girls, wich send us some photos.
Deadline is the end of february!

-we choose 3 pics, in front, from back and from side (thats the stances).

-Its not important where do you make the pics, but you must be the only person on picture.
The pictures must be clear!!!
-If you decide to send us some pics of you, look that is the pant tight on you, and if you wear a shirt or a pullover look thats no longer until your hips!
( we must see the pant)

-and please dont forget: only black spandex disco pants

For last: dont think to much!
This organisation is only for us. Much more pics we have, much more we can choose and your chances are better.

You have only few pics on your blog, but these are not right for us!
Take a digital camera and lets make some pics of you.

Sorry for this long long mail but now you know more and all important things.

Hope you understand???

And I really want you for our publicity because you looks great!
Its dont a joke!!! please give me an anwser, ok?

And really, you have talent for this bussines, i see this.

hi Daniel I am very interested. I will get a pair of pants and take pictures with my friend as soon as possible. any other information i need to know? how should i pose? i need you to write to me from your AA email account as evidence that this isnt a hoax before i carry this out.

Hy there! Thanks for answer. Ok, its no especially to say about the stances. Take normal poses from all sides. Be creative and use your fantasy. Make positions in knees, or in sitting for example. Look thats really not a joke, i have some calificatet girls at the moment, and all the other girls they are not at first position go into our magazine! Thats a intern job in our store here in switzerland and i am normally have an other mail from work. Thats my private e- mail. I have the exersize from my boss to find people all over the world wich want help us with this publication. We importend very much of these spandex pants but nobody know for it. We have only 2 stores and we are especially look for this product! Now i hope you understand me? I would be glad if you can answer me. You look really perfect for us. Its really really difficult about this job and deadline is soon over. Im serious and if you really want work whit us i give you always informations
as soon as i can.. Regards daniel

email me from your american apparel account please then

I havent an aa account! And thats the problem! We have 2 stores, 12 salers, and i get this temporary work only for aa because this publication. Look if you dont trust me, than let it be. Its no problem for me, but you lost your chance. I waisting my time. I repeat my offer last time: would you do that or not? We have the same website like aa america and all others too! We are not the central station! I cant have an account! I work for various fashion centres only here in swiss and i us my PRIVATE mail. Also, do you want help me or not? I mean whats your problem to make some pictures? Is this difficult for you? Say me the reason.?

nothing personal to you at all i just dont know you right and if this is legit. i have friends who work for american apparel and they say this isnt how one would go about contacting a prospective model. also you would offer to send me the actual pants right? i am totally interested but if i am going to proceed i need a little more proof here is all.

Ok i understand. And are your friends really know all staff from all over the world which work for aa? I thought you own these pants allready? What do you want? I said in your blog you have some disco pants at home? Look i have no time to proofe all canditates my statemants, if you want do it, then do it, or let it. I promise i get information after we decide us for you. Bye

i do not own the pants already, what pictures of me are you referring to? i just need proof and this isnt unreasonable, if im going to book time with a photographer i dont want to get fucked over here, understand?

Ok i understand. If you dont own the pants i cant use you for that. I thought you have them and i belive you own these pants because you said in the first mail which poses do you need to make. Im sorry for waisting your time!

hey no prob thanks for the content!

37 thoughts on “and puppy dog lies won’t sweeten the truth


    i am thinking he stumbled across an older post of mine where i mention disco pants, you know how i make jokes about shit, not literal disco pants just well, pants? anyway, um, way to be professional.

  2. oh hai, bodie.

    the funny thing is that he CLAIMS he’s french, but this accent does not even sound remotely french. IT IS JUST TOMMY WISEAU SPEAK. this is all from an epic cult film called “the room” which is AMAZING and you have to see it in its entirety. i think the royal on college screens it every friday night. so much fun. expect your mind to be blown.

  3. this is impossible to watch i love it. when they screen it is everyone hysterical laughing through the entire thing oh man i want to go see it.

  4. yes!! first you’ll be annoyed because you can’t hear the movie over the laughter, but then you get used to it and chime in. oh, and bring plastic spoons. everyone throws it at the screen whenever this one inexplicable painting of spoons shows up. this is honestly hands down the best movie i have ever seen in my life best time i’ve had in a theatre BEST BEST BEST.

  5. OMG the disco pants correspondence had me laughing until i spit gatorade on my laptop.
    is he just some random perv that likes girls in AA disco pants? is he creating a website specifically for girls in disco pants and needs material, WHAT is going on. I’m tempted to send him a pic of me cause yes i own a pair in silver hahaha.

  6. Whether or not he works for AA, this guy definitely sounds Swiss. I live in Zurich and have bizarre email/in person exchanges all the time. Granted, people are not (generally) asking for pictures of me in Spandex pants, but still.

  7. The silver-haired fox is indeed totally hot, but is totally married. Just sayin. Love the blog raymi. Keep writing.
    Mrs. Bucci xo

  8. An agent!!! why? just being noise, is our raymi gonna start acting soon? or is there something up down the road us blog readers don’t know of? ummmm!!!

  9. i wish, then i’d eat nacho’s every day and be a gazillion pounds. it’s just one of my guilty drunken pleasures

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